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Does Houston have job available in Deaf Community?

by tom44 on March 23, 2014

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Question by K W: Does Houston have job available in Deaf Community?
I am talking about a true Deaf people who needs job in Deaf community where they can communicate with co-workers instead of having an emotional drama or lawsuits at any companies who REFUSED to provide interpreter to communicate with “non-sign language users”.

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Answer by ? Oberon ?
I’m not really sure. I have a very dear friend that will be here (in Houston) later this month for a conference on sign language and the hearing impaired. I will speak with her, and email you back.

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2 thoughts on “Does Houston have job available in Deaf Community?

  1. Texican2007 says:

    Maybe you can email these people:
    Astro Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf
    Houston, Texas

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