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Does anyone knows how can I work in a nursing home?

by tom44 on November 21, 2012

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Question by kammykat: Does anyone knows how can I work in a nursing home?
I would really like a job at a nursing home in New York, at least by January or Feburary. Where do I go to take classes(paid or free)? And how long will it take me?

I really want to have a good job and start providing for myself.. Soooo I would really appreciate the help. Thx.

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Answer by monique
What type of position are you looking for? Dietary, nurses’ aid, activities, housekeeping?

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2 thoughts on “Does anyone knows how can I work in a nursing home?

  1. Turtle Zombie says:

    Go to your local Community College and see if they offer a CNA course. The course usually takes about 10 weeks to complete including your clinical. You will have to pay for the class. I don’t remember how much mine cost. You can also see if some nursing homes in your area offer this class. They may not charge you if you sign a contract saying you will work for them for at least 6 months. But anyway, after you complete the class, you need to take the state NA registry test to become a registered nurse assistant. It may be different for your state. Good luck!

  2. luvrokatz says:

    You could visit a local nursing home, offer to do some volunteer work, and ask questions of the people that work there when you volunteer. Volunteering also gives you the view from the inside to see what kind of position you might be most interested in, if you don’t know already.

    Activity coordinators are always in need of volunteers and you could probably help with some Halloween and Thanksgiving activities this time of year.

    If looking for certification as an activity director you could start with looking at the NCCAP.

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