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Does anyone know anything about getting jobs in South America?

by tom44 on April 14, 2013

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Question by Stephanie C: Does anyone know anything about getting jobs in South America?
I just spent 4 months in Spain, learning the basics of the Spanish language. I would like to continue learning, but feel that I need to live in a spanish speaking environment in order to do so most effectively. Ideally, I would like to live somewhere in South America, being that it is easier to travel to and from NYC. If you have any information about realistic jobs in South America, I would appreciate the information. Thanks!

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Answer by Estrato Seis
Why not go to East LA? Or Miami? Or NYC Or Houston? Or Dallas? Plenty of opportunity to hear and learn Spanish there. Also MOST countries require a work permit. You can work “off the grid”, but most countries, w’/o their natl. ID card wont let you rent a house.. or open a bank account.
Id go teach English to private students. Take out an Ad in the paper. Get a local cell phone. Youll be all set. Only accept CASH payments.

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