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Does anyone have an idea for a forensic skit?

by tom44 on January 11, 2014

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Question by crimsonxskies: Does anyone have an idea for a forensic skit?
I am taking a forensic class and need to make a creative/funny informative video about forensic nursing and forensic photography. Those two jobs need to flow together in the video. So far I have the idea of a sherlock holmes-esque with blue’s clues. I just don’t have the storyline. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Coin
Sherlock Holmes is following a track of footprints when Blue gets annoyed cause its taking too much time. He went ahead of the trail and collected all the footprints for the witty detective. He the returns with the prints at a hand (this IS a cartoon right?) and hands them over to Sherlock. In shock, he asked the dog “where did the tracks lead?” and with his usual annoying voice, Blue replies “er pur pur?” Damn dog!

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One thought on “Does anyone have an idea for a forensic skit?

  1. PinkElmo says:

    Well, how about you make an animated cartoon where Blues Clues is dressed up as Sherlock Holmes, when you see a man like Sherlock in a Blues CLuesish form. Then have them argue over the solution to the mystery, when eventually Magenta (Blues friend) gives up and walks off, running back with the solution which was obvious the whole time. Blues Holmes and Sherlock Clues were trying to make it much more complicated that it really was!

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