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Does any one know of any good health insurance companies with low rates?

by tom44 on June 7, 2013

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Question by King 1983: Does any one know of any good health insurance companies with low rates?
I reside in atlanta Ga and I am in need of health insurance but I’m on a budget. Please help? Only seriouse inquiries please

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Answer by PatricksMom*
US Navy, US Marines, US Air Force, US Army.


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6 thoughts on “Does any one know of any good health insurance companies with low rates?

  1. confused says:

    Blue Cross Blue Shield

  2. mbrcatz17 says:

    Define “low rate”. If you are healthy and under 30, you should be able to find health insurance around $ 200 a month – that IS a low rate.

    The CHEAPEST way to get health insurance, is through your employer – because they pick up most of the tab.

  3. Mildred S says:

    i do not know of any reasonable full coverage rates. i looked into it and i do not think that i would spend enough money to get back what i paid out in premiums. UNLESS some unforseen medical bill , such as unplanned surgery or a heart attack or something happened. the agent advised me that it is less expensive to get insurance coverage just for major medical . example of how they explained that worked is that major medical insurance plans don’t pay for routine office visits , like you get sick with a flu. they don’t help with insurance prescription antibiotics. if you have a sudden appedectomy and have a 20 thousand dollar hospital bill then they would pay because it’s a major medical bill.

    i was also advised that you can set up bank insurance accounts / think it might have been called flexible spending account. you can set aside what your forcasted out of pocket medical/dental expenses would be for a year and contribute to the account and you do not pay tax on it. it has a pre tax value of roughly 30 percent. the problem with this is that if you do not use the full money / you lose it. probably want to underbudget for your forcasted annual medical expenses rather than overbudget ?

    Hope it helps and that you find a good insurance plan or a part time job that offers health insurance assuming you and able to work. Take care.

  4. manoj s says:

    SBI LIFE INSURANCE which is a tie up of SBI and cardif life which is number one in india and cardiff is no one in france

  5. Rick says:

    You might want to try and bookmark this site for research information on health insurance. news, articles and more. It may have the resources to help you with your question about health insurance companies.

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