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Do you like your job as a Surgical Tech?

by tom44 on May 15, 2014

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Question by justbeth8201: Do you like your job as a Surgical Tech?
Im going to a comm college right now and thought I wanted to pursue a career in surgical technology but now Im just not sure really what I want to do. Im also thinking of Medical Assisting possibly. I know Surg Tech;s make more money than an MA but wasn;t sure if surg tech would be for me with all the standing, and crazy hours. I also heard that the surgeons can be real jerks and it’s really hard to get a job out of school for a surg tech b/c no one want’s to hire people right out of school.

Anyone out there a surg tech? Do you like your job, what are the pro’s and con’s? what is your salary? I live in Detroit Metro if that makes a difference.

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Answer by Ace
My friend is a surgical technician and he loves it. He says the experience is invaluable and he is able to network with lots of people.
He hopes someday this will lead to other posistions in other departments.

He says the only downside is he works crazy hours, there is no set schedule where he works.

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One thought on “Do you like your job as a Surgical Tech?

  1. Ed Atun says:

    Skip the surgical tech if you want a fulfilling career. R.N. is the best position to attain. You can still do the tech with your nursing license..

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