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Do you know of any medical internships available around Seattle?

by tom44 on November 23, 2012

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Question by Jennifer H: Do you know of any medical internships available around Seattle?
If you are currently providing an internship position or know of one in the Seattle area, please let me know. I am very interested. Any kind of MEDICAL internship would be fine. Thanks.

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Answer by Lacey A
contact the major hospitals here and speak with a coordinator to help refer you to a specfic doctor…you may try childrens hospital because they are more open to these things-all hospitals are a teaching place and often are accepting to interns….some other hospitals to check out are swedish medical center, harborview, valley medical center ( in renton, right outside of seattle) and you may just want to crack open a phone book and start calling private physicans if you hit a wall on resources….i know one thing you can check is to contact the employment boards of the hospital to see current job offerings/listings available- if you walk through valley they even have jobs posted on reader boards outside the HR department ..also if seattle is overcrowded for this type of internship remember there are also other local hospitals in Auburn-Auburn Medical Center , Federal Way-Saint Fransis (sp) and there are also a ton in/near the tacoma area..hope this helps point you in a good direction, sorry that i couldnt offer a specific doctor needing an intern…Good Luck and Best Wishes!!

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