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Do you honestly think everything is about white people?

by tom44 on August 25, 2012

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Question by Srta. Argentina: Do you honestly think everything is about white people?
Do you think whites have it easy?

I moved to America from Argentina in 2001. I have lived in three places so far: 1. a mixed neighborhood of blacks and hispanics, 2. a rural area alone, 3. on my own now in a city that’s 94% white (I looked it up).

I don’t think any race has it “easy” or “made.”

You can’t say that blacks are “uneducated” becaues they CAN’T go to college, there are hundreds of blacks at the University of Detroit Mercy (a private Catholic school, so yes they can get accepted any where).

I am Hispanic, so I don’t say we have it hard either. My stepmom (I call her mom) is Hispanic American and she has a very good job as a CNA, makes lots of money, and I have never heard her say anything about people being racist with her (other than our movie fiasco).

People are going to find any reason to hate. We all could be purple, but you’d not be purple enough and they’d let you know. We all could have the same eyes, and they’d say your eyes are different.

I truly think you need to let it go, I don’t base anything by race and i find it ludicrous you base all your assumptions, “It’s because he’s black” or “It’s because she is white.”

Really? Is it? I think if a black person has 40 years of medical practice and a white person just got out of medical school and was sued for malpractice the black is going to get the job regardless of race.
Argentinians range in color.

My mom is pretty dark, people ask if she is dominican.
My father is very light, looks white (hence the movie fiasco).

I wish to be a happy medium and I am lean towards one color rather than a mix.

It’s like most races, you come in different shades. I am from Northern Argentina, so we tan easier and some are a “tanned-looking” white people.

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Answer by B’s_Girl

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9 thoughts on “Do you honestly think everything is about white people?

  1. xxxxXALixxxx says:

    I dont really think about white people intill I go on c&g

  2. ?Rere? says:

    no i do not think all white people have it easy
    but in america, alot of white people have more advantages than minorities

  3. Latrell says:

    Who said whites had it easy?..Last I knew they worked 6 days a week like all other Americans, they paid taxes like all other Americans, they’ve had to endure a poor economy like all Americans. everything is a little hazy and salty for me to even digest what your telling me is even a reasonable debate or notion. I can’t stand before you today and tell you anyone of any color has it easier or harder than me, Coz I haven’t lived a minute or second in everyone else’s shoes.

  4. LondonCurlyGurl. says:

    Couldnt give a Fkt.

  5. punch says:

    No, everything is about people. Or should be.

  6. SiLlY fArT says:

    i live in the uk not america. my mother told me that i was going to have to work twice as hard as white people to succeed when i was younger. i didn’t get what she meant but that is indeed the world in which we live in. i don’t complain though. i’m a hard worker anyway and having a victim mentality will hold you down whether you realise it or not.

    edit: and i’m not saying white people have it easy before people get their panties in a bunch. what i mean is that if a b and w person are both going for an important position, it’s better for the b person to be more qualified to have a higher chance of getting that job. especially in a white country.

  7. Mamacita says:

    I dont think any race has it easy because everyone hates eachother…there’s always gonna be someone out there that dont like you because of your race, culture, looks, personality…

    I think people say white people have it easy because generally speaking in most countries they are in the uppermost postions of power…however ehtnic minorities are making there way up into these postions too…Barack Obama for example 🙂

    I think alot of the time people say “whites have it easy” as an excuse to why they are not doing so well, or because they have little confidence or esteem in their own ability to do well…

    Interesting question 🙂 xxx

  8. sarahisfocused says:

    yeah white ppl have it easier cuz they run the country and they want to keep it that way so everybody has to work twice as hard for the same thing like silky fart said. arent argentinas generally white maybe thats why you never noticed?

    edit im confused are you saying you look white if so this explains your american experience. i never met an argentinian that looked dominican they always look white maybe with a little native but mostly white. if you ask me latinos have it the hardest in this country especially the guatamalans i saw a white police officer using a guatamalan as a punching bag he thought it was funny and the poor guy didnt even know what was going on. it made me sick and also put alot of things into perception.

  9. Liquor,is quicker. says:

    I don’t think any race has it easier.
    But in Britain we are obsessed with class and so i think people with money, regardless of skin colour, have it easier in general.

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