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Do you have a degree from the University of Phoenix and a job?

by tom44 on May 30, 2014

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Question by Geoffrey: Do you have a degree from the University of Phoenix and a job?
I attend UOP and I’m trying to get an idea of what my prospects are when I’m finished.

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Answer by Smiling
You should have considered this before selecting Univ of Phoenix.
Your degree is worth more than an associates degree. There are very few companies that will consider it as good as a traditional university.

Phoenix is a “for profit”. That means there main goal is to make a profit for it’s shareholders. The education and career advancement are very secondary.

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One thought on “Do you have a degree from the University of Phoenix and a job?

  1. Chuckles says:

    Schools like University of Phoenix, ITT Tech, DeVry, Kaplan and others are “for profit” schools. They tend to be very expensive, the qualifications of the instructors range from very good to awful and their credits are seldom transferable. In addition, most employers only consider candidates from these schools if there are no suitable applicants from a more traditional school.

    These schools offer a lot of online programs and this is not to say that online programs are bad. They are not. Some are very good. Schools like UCLA Extension or Athabasca University in Canada are fully accredited and seen to be excellent ways to get an education. Basically, what you want is the online division of a traditional accredited university to get an online degree that counts for something.

    As for going to the classroom courses offered by these for profit schools, even the claimed to be bachelors level courses the for profit schools offer are considered at best by employers to be on par with what you get from a community college. However, a community college will be far cheaper and community college credits are transferable to a 4 year university in most cases. Credits from the for profit schools seldom will transfer anywhere. The for profit schools even mention this in their TV ads, at least here in California.

    I have heard many stories from people who have gone to these for profit schools who have been left with a bigger debt than many graduates from a traditional 4 year university while still not being able to get a job. I personally know a part time instructor for one of these schools and he just cringes thinking of what the debt load these poor kids are taking on for a community college level education.

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