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Do most hospitals hire Physician Assistants?

by tom44 on March 14, 2013

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Question by Steve: Do most hospitals hire Physician Assistants?
I want to work in the medical field and I want to work in a the emergency department. If I decide to become a Physician Assistant then I would apply for residencies in emergency medicine or surgery. I would like to work in a big city hospital in California. For example hospitals near San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, or San Diego. Do a lot of hospitals employ physician assistants in these areas? I think I can make the biggest difference working in a hospital rather than a private practice. Thank you for your help.

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Answer by Orlando57
sure call or E-Mail those hospitals you like the looks of go to websites and then look at the papers for the local area and maybe contact the police dept. why because i like action and live in a crack hood but maybe raobbery or being Jacked for your car or wallet isnt cool you want to know a Group thats got action and differant situations all Day and night and needs and uses a lot of PA’s the army or airforce Pa’s run sick calls and emergency staff in the army hospitals is almost all PA’s and they are the best they arent all army personnel contact the personnel directors of the army hospitals and marine and navy and airforce why they can be in or near major cities and theres gunshots and cuts and diseases galore ,, even retired folkes getting treated and births and soo its good and theres also the pentagon website for personnel San Antonio is beautiful theres a training for combat medics at that hospital so theres constant fokes coming and going good luck

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One thought on “Do most hospitals hire Physician Assistants?

  1. US_DR_JD says:

    There are many PAs used in emergency rooms throughout the country. On occasion, they are used in the fast-track area to free the ER physicians to see the higher level trauma patients. Physician Assistants can also assist in surgery, but in those occasions usually work in private practice with the surgery group and not for the hospital (the exceptions are city/county and teaching hospitals)

    Do not be mislead, there is probably the biggest difference made by physician assistants, physicians, and nurse practitioners who work in the primary care and specialty clinics around our country. The bulk of the health care in the US is seen in ambulatory clinics, not emergency rooms.

    Emergency rooms do have a great function, but their function is to stabilize patients, so the private practice practitioners can assume the care.

    There is a wide variety of areas where health care providers practice. And most students going through school change their minds 2 or 3 times before they get out of school about what their eventual goal will be.

    Just make the goal of being a PA at this point, the actual practice environment you will decide during clinicals.

    At times you even decide the practice location because it is the job that is available, and you don’t want to move.

    Be flexible.

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