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Do Minorities have a different issues then white people?

by tom44 on July 21, 2013

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Question by Monster Brain: Do Minorities have a different issues then white people?
I ask this because Dems always tell me, a Republican, that we need to accept these people into our party but what is it that they want or need that is different from me, a whiter person? I hear about Black issues and hispanic issues but what are these issues that are different from my issues? Is the DNC and people who belong to that party think that Blacks and Hispanics need special attention or govt handouts or handups? What is the deal?

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Answer by I Have a Dream
One of our issues is that we don’t see any point in talking to people like you.

Live with it.

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8 thoughts on “Do Minorities have a different issues then white people?

  1. Republican says:

    What the hell is a black issue? That sounds retarded, and if I heard any politician use that term, I would never vote for them.

  2. Real Grit says:

    They want equal treatment, opportunity not based on skin color and respect like everybody else. That’s all, no more, no less.

  3. HaitisSaintLuciferOnTheWay says:

    Who knows sh/t liberals espouse for votes I am sure.

  4. Ayatollah says:

    Whites issues are how to colonialize, rape, murder, steal land and have the people who survive work for free. Yeeeech, human vomit.

  5. BedHead says:

    yes. dude. didn’t you ever hear about the civil rights movement? those people were pis*ed off at the inequities that are the by-product of being a racial minority in the U.S. Minorities in this country just want a fair shake. but to do that you have to provide attention to those issues. the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is one such example of “special attention”.

  6. snorkeling_llama says:

    Their issues are mainly social issues. There is a difference, and there is a stigma attached to skin color… so it’s definitely something that EXISTS. I wouldn’t say that they all need a handout, because that does nothing to solve the problem… at all, in ANY way.

    There are other ways to solve the racial issues, but they’re very complex and all-consuming (culturally).

  7. correrafan says:

    They actually DO have the same issues as white people, they just label them differently. Discrimination is often claimed as a racial or a cultural stigma, but most of the time it is a socioeconomic class issue.

    Like when a black or Hispanic person applies for a job, they more often get turned down for their language skills; their clothing styles; and the presence of visible tattoos (An often-used stigma to label people as lower class). Businesses just don’t like to hire poor or lower class people, no matter what their education or marketable skills. Unless the job market where you live is heavy with a need for some uniquely special education or skill (like nursing or medical), you might as will give up in this economy.

    In my town, it is very hard to get a job unless you speak at least a little Spanish. It doesn’t matter if you have contact with the public or not. It doesn’t matter if your coworkers are Hispanic. I live in Las Vegas. Nevada doesn’t give a damn about its citizens, unless they are Hispanic, or speak Spanish.

  8. Ragingbull24 says:

    Liberals represent Ethnocentric group rights in the U.S.

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