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Do any vets close to Newark Ohio take payment plans?

by tom44 on July 6, 2013

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Question by Trans-Alex: Do any vets close to Newark Ohio take payment plans?
My little sisters cat has a hole in his paw, which were not sure where it came from. It goes all the way through his paw, but he doesn’t seem to have much pain. My cat had 3 kittens last week and one died. I want to take my sisters cat & mine & her kittens to the vet, but I’ve recently lost my job. There’s a vet right down the road, but i know he doesn’t take payment plans. last year the same male cat got bit by a dog and it wouldn’t stop bleeding, they said they would only look at him if i paid the $ 50 up front.

And about my cat not being fixed (as I’m sure someone will mention) i didnt get a job until last year, & right after i got a job she got pregnant. i waited about 12 weeks after she had them to take her to the vet to get fixed. They said she was already pregnant again and they couldn’t do anything til after these ones were born.

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Answer by Patty O
I don’t know any of the vet offices in your area, but here is the link to free/low cost spay/neuter clinics in Ohio. There are two in the Columbus area that you could contact to see if they can also help you with the paw injury.

If not, please contact your local animal shelter or rescues in your area. Many have funds reserved to assist with medical emergencies in addition to the spay/neuter surgeries.

Momma kitty needs to have her surgery as quickly as possible after her kittens are weaned (6-8 weeks). Please keep her indoors so that she will not become pregnant again. Vets can do pregnant spays, but it more expensive for you and more dangerous for her.

Purrs to you and all the kitties and kittens.

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One thought on “Do any vets close to Newark Ohio take payment plans?

  1. J C says:

    Generally speaking, vets do NOT take payment plans unless you are an established client with a long payment history. They have learned the hard way that they usually get stiffed, and have to go through the hassle and expense of a collection agency. They do however take care credit. Go online and apply for that.

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