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Dispensary jobs in Arizona

by tom44 on June 6, 2014

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No Experience Necessary medical marijuana dispensaries are about to open in Arizona. Find a job in the medical marijuana industry in Ariz…
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A video crew followed Donna Reich through a shift as a Sterile Processing Technician at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center (at the time of recording, it wa…
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27 thoughts on “Dispensary jobs in Arizona

  1. Arizona Medical Marijuana Card says:

    As you know, dispensary jobs in Arizona are almost here. Get ready! Do you
    know what the requirements are to work as bud attendant in a dispensary in
    Arizona? Watch this video… ?

  2. J Cerva says:

    Dispensary jobs in Arizona are around the corner. If you’re interested
    watch this video… ?

  3. Derick Isaac says:

    What I do for a living…in a nutshell. Hopefully one day I’ll make a
    video. Lol.?

  4. Michelle Silva says:

    Actually you never had to be certified but in May 31, 2015 you do . thats
    the new policy

  5. bellhammer says:

    Not necessarily. As long as her hands are clean, then the sterilization
    process should kill whatever may be left on the instruments.

  6. Hiz hunny says:

    i called an teaching hospital and was told if i can get hired for a
    sterilization tech i could be trained on the job but most listings i find
    ..want certified techs and id rather be certified any idea where i can get
    training for this in here in the tampa bay area?

  7. Sterile Processing and Surgical Technology says:

    If you are looking for a job as a sterile processing or surgical tech, you
    should visit our website.

  8. aquinojuan676 says:

    overwhelmed by the size and the machines you use in a big hospital.. i am
    also a CSSD tech in dubai but in a Dental set up

  9. AireeBlue Harris says:

    OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR: Sterile Processing Technician Class in Panorama City –
    Classes will be held Saturday 9am – 1pm or Sunday 9am – 1pm. Starting in
    May. Seats are limited so If you are interested or know of someone that is,
    share the information and IN box me. I will send you information.

  10. Jingy2003 says:

    Yes, it is. My wife knows a sterile processing tech, and she told my wife
    to tell me it’s hard work. It’s bad on the back, and the potential of other
    injuries makes it not very desirable as a job.

  11. msgilliam1474 says:

    What a very important job. Lives are depending on the person that cleans
    and sterilize the instruments. I can see how getting enough rest and sleep
    is very imperative. Without it, one can make several errors. Thanks for
    loading this video. It was interesting and informative.

  12. msgilliam1474 says:

    It’s going through sterilization again. She has to check it for any
    leftover tissue.

  13. Jesus Christ says:

    Damn that’s a lot of work.

  14. linda wonnek says:


  15. Mejito808 says:

    This is the best sterile processing video on youtube. I just got hired a
    month ago as a sterile processing tech and this video thought me a lot. I
    wish they had shown this video before i started working because your very
    detailed and you demonstrated everything perfectly. Thank you very much and
    a Big Thank You to Donna. Keep up the good work 🙂

  16. sufficient19 says:

    I love the superior feeling of making a possitive differance in someone
    elese’s life. And even save someone’s life just by sterilizing the surgical
    instruments. I’m not intirely sure about the payscale, though. I just hope
    the salary can provide everything I need with living.

  17. journee says:

    How was the certification exam? I’ll be taking my exam in November.

  18. OWN12S says:

    Are their males in this field?

  19. Ned Dumaua says:

    its $21-$25 in Canada.

  20. aaron maverick says:


  21. Irvin Alcindor says:

    after the instrument have gone through the Decontamination process they are
    safe to touch. After counting and putting the cases together they go in to

  22. nickd4818 says:

    good luck with everything

  23. Marc Anderson says:

    I am certified. Best part about is that u can choose where u want to work
    and the position is in high demand, especially for if ur certified

  24. shonpoe99 says:

    iam certified and i make 11.07 hour in illinois

  25. dip30ful says:

    hello i just started working at ball memorial hospital in muncie indiana. i
    just got on over here without any higher education. i was in the lower part
    of my class. everyone here gets on at 9.04 an hour at 40 hours a week
    within 2 months there is a 25 cent raise and up. there are people that have
    been working here for years making up to 30 an hour. muncie is one of the
    lowest paid places for this job seen as how its a poor spot in the state.
    other places pay way better. certification= more $

  26. kobie8819591 says:

    What is the pay.

  27. entyceit says:

    Cspd is certification, self taught. I have an exam coming and I studied for
    6 months. I’m excited, its something to do while going to school. Visit
    CBSPD website if u wanna know more

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