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Did You Know the US Middle Class is Disappearing. These stats prove it.

by tom44 on March 6, 2013

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Did you know that the US Middle Class is vanishing? Wages in other countries are 22 cents per hour and taking over our jobs. The rich just keep getting richer as the poor get poorer. This video has some amazing stats that prove it. We need to take action now while there is still time. A Las Vegas Direct films production.
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22 thoughts on “Did You Know the US Middle Class is Disappearing. These stats prove it.

  1. John Mitchell says:

    See_the_truth dot webs? dot com

  2. sha370z says:

    paycheck to paycheck is bull shit say a bill come in and its $5,000 and that just for the work? on the car .

  3. Elesparto says:

    Between a rock? and a hard place–either work at low pay McDonald’s or apply to Harvard land of the snobs…Which one should I choose?

  4. Kelly Lambert says:

    OBAMA 2012!!?

  5. moistfaucet says:

    sure, Today your Gov is happy so they raise the Yuan, after party get hang over, they devalue the yuan. Where do you think the Currency many investor want to hang on, can be manipulated anytime? they want ? do you want to have a money that the value can be adjusted by small Elite Communism China ?

  6. fireball39279 says:

    The u.s. government fucked their own people up. Not China. Gbush was right. He said ‘if you? make mistakes,blame somebody else for it’. Problem solved!!!! Poor america. Very Shallow people.

  7. aviomaster says:

    @moistfaucet – WHAT people do not understand about CHINA – People? in USA think then they STOP buying Chinese goods China goes bankrupt.
    No No No – Yuan is undervalued in comparison to dollar by at least 60% USA not shopping China revalues it’s currency at that time Chinese are going to buy their own goods. Demand in CHINA is HUGE 7 million Chinese die from hunger every year. Yuan in next 4-5 years will become curr. with highest purchasing power in the world. Than they START to import.

  8. moistfaucet says:

    @patsaxon, without Job, american can not afford to keep buying Chinese product. eventually job in china also disappeared. no worry.? what goes around will comes around.

  9. Charlie12241 says:

    Who makes fifteen? dollars an hour?

  10. patsaxon says:

    Sadly it is getting much worst that? this video, as college graduates can not find a job today. No more assembly jobs available like it used to be years ago. China makes more than 95% of American products. The next thing that needs to be done is to do away with the AUW, and send their jobs to China. Plus, put a stop to Unions as it causes prices to increase on products and services. I am for fair pay, but I am not greedy!

  11. 2011blueman says:

    – I’m a? 35 year old attorney who is home sick today and came across this video. Your petty attack on me doesn’t negate the fact that you’re way out of touch with what the average american is right now.

  12. JOSEY WALES says:

    I think you’re not intune with reality, the majority of Americans are making 15+ an hour (adult Americans) Since you have a picture of south park as your display i’m going to guess your some little underaged teenage lazy kid. Go out there, get a college degree, and make? some real money, then deposit money every so often into your bank account, and there you have it. The way to become successful in this country.

  13. 2011blueman says:

    – you’re clearly delusional and out of touch with reality. Just google it and find out. 42-43% live paycheck to paycheck with little/no savings. As for minimum wage, if you work full time on min wage you’re making just over the? poverty line. Time to come to grips with reality.

  14. JOSEY WALES says:

    Maybe you’re speaking for yourself, I currently have over 100k in? the bank right now. Most americans dont live “paycheck to paycheck” The Percentage of americans living on minumum wage is less than 10%

  15. 2011blueman says:

    – The stats said that 43% of americans have less than 10K saved for retirement. That stat is absolutely correct. When 61% of americans live paycheck to paycheck it’s not hard to believe that they have saved little to no money for? retirement.

  16. JOSEY WALES says:

    These statistics have to be fake, either that or im super rich, Because I have way? more than 20,000 saved up for retirement lol.

  17. moistfaucet says:

    american people set bar very high for standard living that require high cost. you do not need BIG? car, BIG house, expensive clothes and watch, and Travel overseas very year to live happily.

  18. mirabilo says:

    Bleak times? ahead.

  19. 68noraa says:

    Who are the 1% that control the US’ wealth?
    What’s your US’ govt? doing?

  20. GabsVonTresckow says:

    How will we compete? We can’t on these terms. If you buy Chinese products, you? important Chinese wages for your children. It’s that simple.

  21. RetroJenny says:

    I think there should be a protest march by the middle class people. If something is not done soon it? will be another great depression only this time it will last for decades. In the future there will be only the rich and poor if the people just stand by and let it happen.

  22. afewtube says:

    I keep hearing this ‘get out of America’ thread on YouTube, but where will you all go?
    You can’t just move to another country, you need a skill or profession, or if you don’t have these things, you? need money – plenty of money.

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