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Did I get the job? Or am a lost cause here?

by tom44 on September 13, 2012

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Question by : Did I get the job? Or am a lost cause here?
**This is for CNA job**

Sunday,Feb.20- Gets a call, but misses it because I thought it was one of thoes sells people. I listen to the message late around 6pmish and was surprized it was for a interview!! I called back no answer and one last time no luck.

Monday Feb.21 In the morning I call the ladies cell phone 3 different times, no answer. I decided to call the company itself and it was better this way then her cell number she gave on my voice mail. She then tells me come tomorrow at 11:30am tomorrow! Yea am happy!!!

Tuesday: I found out from her later on that she didn’t answer because she had gotten sick and then had to play catch up at work (Yes I felt bad, had her phone on blast!) I did the interview very well, the pay is very decent and can’t complain. Its ten an hour and will help me go through school as a LVN/LPN The hours are a dream come true for me as well 2pm to 10pm. She said she is going to Las Vegas for four days and I will get a call after from her or some guy to do interview part 2. I was so excited. I also recalled I didn’t shake her hand, but she also didn’t reach for mines either so is that points off?

wed: Am guessing she left this day for her sisters wedding at Vegas.

Thurdays: Feeling worried, but hey not four days yet

Fri: Am ok, but a worry freak at heart

Sat and Sunday: No interviews over the weekend so am calm

Monday: TODAY….um four days gone….should I worry?

Tomorrow a Tuesday….oh..oh???

What do you think?
Yes I applied at 7 other jobs so far, going for one more tomorrow.

Best answer:

Answer by Bill
Be patient! If you don’t hear from her by Wednesday give her a followup call.

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2 thoughts on “Did I get the job? Or am a lost cause here?

  1. corpratecovergirl says:

    People even interviewers and employers get lost in what we call life. I am amazed that people spend sooo much energy and time tracking down only one position. Are you actively pursuing other jobs for the time being?

  2. redeye53 says:

    Be persistent keep trying .Dont dare give up.Be cofident

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