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Detroit EMS Chaos

by tom44 on July 11, 2012

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Detroit City council propose laying off 33 EMS workers,as a longtime Detroit resident I say something need to be done about this. The city council is putting every resident life in jeopardy. How did you tell someone needing help, “There are no units available?” Let your voice be heard, Do something to help save the person’s job that just might have to one day save your life.
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2 thoughts on “Detroit EMS Chaos

  1. MrGR187 says:

    wow im a EMT in Laker City Mn an i have been watching the D-EMS problem it is just sad that? the ppl in charge are putting the city at risk im sorry to hear your guys problem
    support for D-EMS from Laker City EMS

  2. dfdmedic498 says:

    That’s my original partner from? my first days working in full time EMS!!! You go girl!!

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