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Detroit City workers speak on planned layoffs

by tom44 on November 7, 2012

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Detroit city officials are proposing to lay off between ten and twenty percent of the city’s municipal employees while cutting the remaining workers’ pay and benefits. In this video, workers and residents react the cuts, and Socialist Equality Party members Lawrence Porter and D’Artagnian Collier, himself a city worker, place the cuts in context of the broader attack on the working class. Emergency Meeting: Stop Detroit Budget Cuts! Billions for jobs, education and housing! Saturday, December 17, 2-4pm Community House 18966 Greenfield Rd Detroit, MI 48235
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Speech followed by “I Want” (via iPhone) RUMOR CONTROL: Harry did NOT say “Blow a kiss, Blow a job” or “You could be preoccupied, Different dick every night,” HOWEVER he changed the lyrics to “Blow a kiss, Small child.” On 0:42 you can see a small child was brought up to the stage and Zayn took a picture with her and Harry passed them so he said that and even pointed to the little girl while saying it. And no, he did not change “Different date every night” especially since it wouldn’t make sense with the other line not changing. At 0:50 is when Harry starts to sing. Taken from the 5th row on floor. Fox Theatre, Detroit. June 1st, 2012. Twitter @ZulfAlors
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29 thoughts on “Detroit City workers speak on planned layoffs

  1. Banditen1987 says:

    American? Freedom Hurraayy…………..

  2. michigansas says:

    … i feel exactly the same as you. I returned back to Detroit a year ago only to find burnt out buildings, etc. The city as really deteriorated? and it is very heartbreaking. A city that was once fibrant is now a dieing city. Living in Australia is better economically, but not where my heart is

  3. xxa455xx says:

    I love the city of Detroit, the situation there is really heartbreaking. Especially the cuts to the city workers who were already just barely scraping by; another point that was not mentioned is that when the pay of city workers is cut (and pensions? completely eliminated) it becomes harder and harder to find good people to fill those jobs.

  4. Cage71 says:

    banker walked with billions and innocent workers loose their job this how they? treat people how they will feed their families

  5. Lisa Mitchell says:

    I cant believe people are arguing this much over what he says, Just listen to his beautiful voice!?

  6. TheFlowpop says:

    My friend was? there and harry said blow a job not blow job btw

  7. bookl0ver says:

    he said low job another night i? think.

  8. Miss liam payne says:

    ha oh hazza?

  9. 2407marisita says:

    it’s hold a child? or small child? ?

  10. 2407marisita says:

    he didn’t say blow job! only ‘small child’ , ‘diffrent dick, everynight’ and Louis said ‘but that’s gravy’? haha i love these boys?

  11. Amandaxlemon says:

    He doesn’t say blow job he says small child but? he definitely says different dick.

  12. chrisarah18 says:

    The only thing he changed was
    “blow a kiss, take it back” to “blow a kiss,? small child”

  13. Cassie Hill says:

    Um, he? clearly says different dick every night dear.

  14. barbiekeke1999 says:

    harry was really horny? that night..

  15. tori styles says:

    i? live in mi

  16. btifulnightmre says:

    He said hold a? child not small child 🙂

  17. Haleylovesyouu2000 says:


  18. haley88844 says:

    small? child? what?

  19. Daisy Valencia says:

    Small Child? HAHAHA……….small child

  20. CraftyGals73 says:

    Liam, you did not. I DA BIGGEST PARTY IN THE? D, MAN! Britan CAN NOT steal my title. And Louis, ‘But that’s gravy’? What’s wrong with you, child?!

  21. saraeliseolsen says:

    0:42 omg Zayn, I love? you!

  22. heyitshead says:

    The description box ruined my fun!!! Now yes i know he said small child but it was easily mistaken……it sounded? exactly the same and AWWWW ZAYN IS SO GREAT WITH KIDS!!!!!

  23. Ashley Mara says:

    I know they? change the lyrics sometimes, but you can clearly hear him say SMALL CHILD. And DATE.

  24. AshleyIceex says:

    You know he said Blow a kiss “Blow a job” I kinda heard him say Small child, then someone in the crowd said “ahahah Small Child” right after he said? it. Just saying

  25. TheSupergirlygirl12 says:

    At first i thought Harry said “Blow a kiss, Blow a job”? but then i read the description and it was “Blow a kiss small child” woops my bad. :))) ahah! 😀

  26. Shannon Jansen says:

    Why would he say? “job” and point to a small girl? And “blow a job” yeah because that sounds smart… And he didn’t say “dick” either. He does change the lyrics alot but it sounds more like date than dick. Although that is funny 😛

  27. aleyahshuffler says:

    louis said that’s baloni? 🙂

  28. NiCoLe tOmLiNsOn says:

    No he didn’t. He said ‘job’ & ‘dick’! Haha. One Direction, or should I? say Harry, changes the lyrics at concerts all the time to make the fans laugh. 😀

  29. desdeslover1 says:

    You heard him girlsss!!!He? wants to get DIRTY!!XD

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