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Detroit Auto Workers Busted on the Job Drinking Beer & Smoking Pot on Break.flv

by tom44 on June 30, 2012

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“Usually a sensationalist local TV expose is easy to dismiss. However, we can even forgive Detroit TV station WJBK’s use of rock songs as the Fox2 station showed Chrysler factory workers taking their half-hour shift break at a park, drinking beer and smoking marijuana before finishing their work day. The Jefferson North Plant in Detroit is one of Chrysler’s flagships, manufacturing the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s also the factory President Obama visited a few weeks ago to praise American manufacturing.” “It’s the same plant where President Obama stood in July, praising Chrysler auto workers and saying “I would bet on the American worker any day of the week.” The local TV station said it began following the workers just five days after Obama’s visit. Chrysler went through a government-led bankruptcy in 2009 and took .8 billion from the federal government. “The fact that we’re standing in this magnificent factory today is a testament to the decision we made,” said Obama in July.” “The video really does speak for itself, but the reporter summarizes why this is so egregious: The metro Detroit economy is on the path back from the abyss, and part of that recovery is to overcome the stereotypes of union workers that are reinforced in this video.” “The Fox2 news crew went to the park for 10 days, and there were autoworkers drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana every day. Chrysler representatives said that many of the employees in the video have already been suspended
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24 thoughts on “Detroit Auto Workers Busted on the Job Drinking Beer & Smoking Pot on Break.flv

  1. Leefish92 says:

    Really? how are you dumb ass’s defending these arse’s they go have a couple then DRIVE to WORK to use HEAVY MACHINERY intoxicated

  2. uel786 says:

    Many NEED booze and weed to make it through a shift. Try doing the same task 400x a? shift and then tell how yoy like it. Leave these guys alone.

  3. uel786 says:

    People who bitch about thr UAW are simply jeolous. Line workers work their ass off. With their decent wages they can contribute to? society with taxes and purchases.

  4. ThugNastyNukka says:

    Fuck reporters. Catch? something that we care about.

  5. Wickhaven1 says:

    Boy did they scatter. They looked like they were guilty! They should have stood there ground, what with all the pop they were drinking, and they should know all that sugar mixed with cigarettes can’t be good for them! I did see they? picked up a few beers for after work. I saw nothing wrong.

  6. unboomer says:

    I agree with what you said, except they don’t make $43/hr on the line…engineers don’t even make $43 per? hour, generally speaking. They may make $23/hr.

  7. mrdave777 says:

    I honestly feel the downfall of the US auto makers is b/c of Unions themselves. Yes, unions WERE great 50 (fifty) years ago, now you have a large percentage that are just existent by their shop steward. Is a total joke IMO, now the American car makers are 20 years behind b/c of employees like this. Its ALWAYS companies vs unions in most situations… how the? hell does anything get done… and I was union unfortunately for almost 10 years?!

  8. DoctorS8n says:

    The difference between you and me is that I know facts when I see them, go watch some more Fox? News bud!

  9. madtownband says:

    get high on? your own time, not somebody elses

  10. madtownband says:

    I? couldnt agree more!

  11. madtownband says:


  12. AFRICAGROWUP says:

    ? 2:23 lol “taking care of business” as they take swigs from there beer cans hits of there joints!?

  13. IUEC38 says:

    Toyota and Honda do have unions– in Japan. Toyota’s largest plant was union for decades in the US until it closed after GM pulled out. Nobody’s pay is guaranteed and there is no such thing in the US as a job you can’t be fired from. Also, no, they are not making cars with more American parts nor are they building more of their cars in the US than the big 3. They do not employ more people and they don’t pay any hourly people 43 dollars? an hour.Hourly labor costs include healthcare and benefits

  14. DoctorS8n says:

    Without Unions there would be no minimum wage! No vacation, and we’d all be? working 7 day work weeks so shut the fuck up about Unions!

  15. jcsrt8 says:

    Did these guys lose? there jobs.

  16. drmodestoesq says:

    Who the fuck would screw a bolt? onto a nut for 20 years unless they were a alcoholic with no initiative or motivation. If I was working there I’d work massive amounts of overtime and stick every penny in the bank and dream of the day that I could go back to school or start my own business. Anything but wait for death on the assembly line. This guy wonders why they’re drinking? Buddy, be happy with what you got, it’s never going to get any better.

  17. drmodestoesq says:

    Assembly line factory work? is prison.

  18. 798unionpipeliner says:

    The only reason why Toyota pays $43 bucks an hour is because union Auto Workers i think make that much too. And what are you saying at the bottom of your comment ? I’m taking it your saying. Keep a man starving for a dollar and he’ll keep working his ass off. I guess you didn’t know they have a life to live too. and its just? not in working

  19. cornfed123567 says:

    they talk about these guys but they should follow other companies workers, alot of companies employees do this, i have worked for places that it was ok to have 1 or 2 beers, because 1 or 2 didnt affect you. there was a time where workers? could drink the whole time while they worked and now all the sudden its bad

  20. sublimehypocrisy says:

    You people should shut up and let them enjoy? their beers and joints.

  21. TheConnoe says:

    Obama was? sooooo god damn bad

  22. mrohboi says:

    These are the guys that causes recalls. They are holding? up jobs for good clean and sober workers that would love to have a job there.

  23. RedMojaveBraveUSMC says:

    sly fox fox 5 is watching… creepin in the? bushes at the park

  24. RedMojaveBraveUSMC says:

    fuckin news doesn’t need to snitch on these workers… so what if they are doing this with there money during there break, factory working aint no news anchor job… plus this is personal matters, the news just showed everyone that the man was smoking weed…? good luck geting a job for him, unfortunately… fuck fox

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