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Denvlog – A Denver Vlog

by tom44 on September 23, 2012

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We went to Denver for a day to look for jobs. The dispensaries are closing in our town and we are moving to the big city where the industry is thriving. We were busy all day and didn’t get to make as many videos as we wanted to. My second channel – My brother’s channel – Follow @r3dband on Twitter – Thanks for watching Please leave comments. Don’t forget to thumbs up, and favorite.
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We normally use ice cubes, but we also have a couple of trays of ice tubes, which we don’t normally use because they melt too quickly. But still better than nothing. Also, I wanted to share what I know about how how likely employer would drug test
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47 thoughts on “Denvlog – A Denver Vlog

  1. 6139funnykyle says:

    why you sitting? on the dog?

  2. CPMILLER says:

    Do you guys ever? get pussy?

  3. Adam420Dreadz says:

    very chunky and dense for a sativa , im sure it’s a very fast acting uplifting high , cant belive i missed? this video .

  4. terrbearisatiger says:

    Hawaiian Sativa? I’ve never had it but I’ve been able to medicate with Hawaiian Haze from a neighboring legal medical state. It was a gift because I’ve known the caregiver my whole life. If it is anything like the Hawaiian Sativa? you guys are lucky to have Hawaiian Sativa ha. But yeah first thing I heard in the video and wanted to comment on that before I forgot, so I haven’t watched the video yet.

  5. XAnalcheeseX says:

    Libraries? creep me out…

  6. ben fucl says:

    indica? is the better weed

  7. motherhead123 says:

    Nothing personal either, im a huge fan of you and? your brother.

  8. motherhead123 says:

    Good? point there,

  9. theguythatcouldfly says:

    Prong collars use pain and and the intimidation of pain. That is the purpose of the device – otherwise you would use a harness and Positive/Progressive Reinforcement. You are a bully if you think the only way to communicate to a dog is through pain and the intimidation of pain. Progressive Reinforcement, on the other hand, has nothing to do with pain, and nothing to? do with prong collars. Again, you need to do more research.

  10. motherhead123 says:

    what makes you assume thats bullying ? thats reminding him where to go and what to? do it has nothing to do with pain and force it doesnt go in there skin either like you think you have to know how to use a prong collar and not abuse it. Big fan.

  11. Jesusperm says:

    I love watching your vids guys! I think i’ve watched every? one like 3 times! lol

  12. theguythatcouldfly says:

    We need to keep abortions legal because women will seek abortions even if they have to do it illegally – prohibition doesn’t work. Not with alcohol, not with cannabis, not with abortion. Do you not get that??

    And if you think EVERYONE that doesn’t have a job is lazy, you’re more judgmental than you care to accept. You just seem like a obama-hater: your argument is that “no one can be successful that’s what he believes” ? Seriously? Come on man

  13. aboone95 says:

    Yes i know but its still KILLING A BABY do you not get that?? I dont not judge if you dont go to college but if you dont have a job you dont pay for your own health insurance than yes you are are lazy. If everyone did this nothing would get done. Obama wants everyone to be the same, no one can be succesfull thats what he believes. What do you think about Obama not drilling on American Soil…. The? only thing i agree on with obama in gay marriage and ending the war.

  14. theguythatcouldfly says:

    1% is still more than ZERO. You don’t have the right to claim women don’t deserve the right to control their own bodies. Who is “not encouraging people to get jobs or pay for their own health care or go to college? And if so, where do you get off saying that people? should pay for their own healthcare and go to college, and if they don’t, they’re lazy?

  15. aboone95 says:

    ? still love the vids..

  16. aboone95 says:

    Please we do not need the name calling.. Abortion is murder of a living creature if it has a heart beat? it is alive…. This is not about relgion or anything it is about human decency.. Less than 1% of abortions are by rape that is a FACT. Not encouraging people to get jobs or pay for their own helath care or go to college is making people lazy.. What about their spending?? Obama has to cater to the hippies and not drill oil on our own LAND!

  17. theguythatcouldfly says:

    Obama is not a socialist, stop with that nonsense. Welfare does not encourage laziness – that’s a stuckup, conservative, asshole republican thing to say. Obama-care helps out the less-fortunate and the disenfranchised. Women should have the right to an abortion, especially in cases of rape, right? If we outlaw abortions, I’m buying stock in metal coat-hangars. I’m not exactly? thrilled with Obama, but Bush is the one that made everything FUBAR

  18. theguythatcouldfly says:

    A prong collar is never necessary. We can train? dogs to fetch things from the fridge, do a front hand-stand and race through agility courses, all without using force or intimidation; if you think you need to b e a bully to your dog just to get it to walk down the sidewalk, you need to do more research.

  19. aboone95 says:

    They are making this once great country as socialist pile of shit country. They encourage laziness by welfare so. obama care in probly one of the worst ideas for this country. They want to kill incocent babies that have no choice with? abortion. They want to keep adding money to our 10 trillion dollar debt.. Those are just a few reasons

  20. project68mustang says:


  21. mrKbreezy420 says:

    dude? i moved from fort collins to iowa how weird??

  22. Bigpoop88 says:

    Always watch you guys but im always sober when i do but now im? high watching u guys finally and man its sweet

  23. KillerofMezzer101 says:

    no they are brothers.?

  24. dontbelievetheliesxX says:

    And u? spelled it wrong

  25. dontbelievetheliesxX says:

    Not Really?

  26. longshot520 says:

    it would be so funny if the? dispensarys drug tested hahaa

  27. xGWxPappaSmurf222 says:

    “you dont get to? see me face as much” i love how he said that!

  28. FilmKush says:

    @FilmKush I? enjoy the outro. Sorry. Stoned

  29. FilmKush says:

    I enjoy your the outro? of your videos. They are beautiful

  30. n4th4n201 says:

    I love the little stream of smoke that comes from the bowl and into the bong xD?

  31. gamoraification says:

    this video is? inspirational

  32. Gollsodia says:

    Did you try tying a knot at the top of the warp then pulling on the end? you will light to unravel it? The knot should hold the wick there and keep the length you previously had.

  33. gopets82 says:

    just? took 2 vape bowls to the face, and im enjoying the vids man!

  34. reefermane420 says:

    mark ik what u mean how its not fair to drug test but think about other drugs besides cannabis would you? really like some herion addict driving a bus full of 70 children?

  35. Mike Murphy says:

    My friends say the same thing? like “Stoners wont want it legal either because it will be taxed and growers wont want it legal because they wont make money”…… I for one think it will be legal soon, I dont know why it isn’t already its better than alcohol, cigs, etc for society anyway.

  36. sause123able says:

    take a fat? toke

  37. sause123able says:

    i wanna see u milk the bong tell its brown all? the way up to the mouth piece

  38. Ahmad Said says:


  39. papillonluv says:


  40. jebidyawillson says:

    is it just me or is alcohol more of the mystical gateway drug? and not cannabis. .

  41. The360blackmamba says:

    awsome vid man :D? i’m stoned as hell 😀

  42. QualityKush says:

    Thought you were talking about? Medical Marijuana License not a Drivers License :O

  43. MikaelLV says:

    Love the vids, again Mark! I? love watching the vids stoned.

  44. Thibodeauxful says:

    mark some? places call medical marijuana cards green cards in some states i think this guy is referring to that term.

  45. YourHeartIsTheKey says:

    Fuck! that view at the end. is it like that everywhere in Colorado??

  46. TheDominoNova says:

    So if I come from Canada to Colorado, will I need to? complete the graduated licensing program over in the states or just show them my Canadian license and they give me a Colorado one. Might seem like a stupid question, but I’m not sure and I can’t find a direct answer. I just left grade 12 btw (18).

  47. LibertySkunk says:

    It will be.. Soon?

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