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Denver High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 2012

by tom44 on July 21, 2013

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I was given the opportunity to go and at the last minute unfortunately my buddy couldn’t go because he was sick so I went by myself and had a great time. Wou…
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15 thoughts on “Denver High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 2012

  1. TheeBudGuru says:

    Oh, Okay!? Thanks!

  2. TheeBudGuru says:

    Actually it was held at the EXDO Center? in Denver, 1399 35th Street, 35th & Walnut

  3. bunit57atgmail says:

    wtf bro wheres the new vid? ….peace n pot

  4. TheeBudGuru says:

    You are welcome and? Thank You! Where exactly are you located?

  5. TheeBudGuru says:

    Out of all of them I tried, yours? was the best!

  6. Jstaflwr says:

    Thanks bro,? will do.

  7. TheeBudGuru says:

    Check out “welcometocannaland”? too!

  8. Jstaflwr says:

    Thank you for the tips with the pk and boost. I definitely appreciate it, and with your answer I found somebody running canna..finally. Thanks? again, homie.

  9. youttedross says:

    they should? have been honored to give sample & get free publicity!

  10. TheeBudGuru says:

    No? prob!

  11. TheeBudGuru says:

    Woulda been nice? but no freebies!

  12. youttedross says:

    pss-Did ya? listen to Danny Danko presentation? What think of?

  13. youttedross says:

    ps-did ya cop a trim bin for the itty bittys??

  14. youttedross says:

    Thanks for providing virtual attendance. Looks like? lotsa fun, dabber!

  15. frostycolorado says:

    First… An? dude I ended up having to go by myself too we should of met up an dabbed it up

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