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(Denver Area) Where do I start for Assistance with Health care & Food-stamps ?

by tom44 on May 11, 2014

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Question by jt23: (Denver Area) Where do I start for Assistance with Health care & Food-stamps ?
I’m unemployed & having some medical Issues as well as other Financial Issues trying to survive on a minimal Unemployment Check income until I hopefully find some real work soon.

Anyway I’m new to asking for Help in this way, I’m just trying to figure out where I should start on Issues like:

1) Food Stamps?

2) Health Care (free or affordable) ?

3)Assistance for Job Training or Schooling?

4) help with bus fare ?

any addresses, Phone numbers, info & or Advice would be very Appreciated at this time

Best answer:

Answer by Yuliya P
To answer part of your question, you would have to find local Food Stamp office to apply for Food Stamps:
You would not be able to find free health care. But you might get it for free for a period of time. For that you can ask local hospitals if they offer temporary health insurance. You can also ask for referrals to various programs at your Food Stamp office.

You can ask for assistance with ob training at Work force center.

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One thought on “(Denver Area) Where do I start for Assistance with Health care & Food-stamps ?

  1. Flower says:

    The Employment Division where you applied for benefits has vocational training where you can attend class and keep your benefits. It can give you subsidy for transportation. It can offer job Training instead of school. Food stamps you apply for at the county welfare or social services office and that is based on your income. Every county has a max income to qualify. Medicaid for health care is difficult to get unless you are pregnant or disabled even with a low income. Call your Dept of Health & Human Services or ask at the welfare office. You can go to a community clinic or county clinic which charge very little per visit.

    We dont live in whatever state you are in, so you have to look up the address and phone numbers in your phone book or online.

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