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Dennis Kucinich AFL-CIO town hall meeting in Columbus

by tom44 on September 3, 2012

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No Experience Necessary COLUMBUS, OH — Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, the son of a Teamster truck driver and the oldest child in a paycheck-to-paycheck family of seven children, brought his life’s experiences and his legislative record to an AFL-CIO town hall meeting in Columbus (OH) today and told his union brothers and sisters, “This campaign is about jobs. It’s about jobs. And it’s about jobs.” “It’s the workers of this country who are going to determine who the president is going to be,” the Cleveland Congressman told the cheering crowd. And that next President, he said, must be committed to creating new jobs, making health care available to all Americans, securing workers’ rights and pension rights, and improving education for the next generation of American workers. Introduced as “Ohio’s favorite son,” Kucinich, the only card-carrying union member in the Democratic field, had the audience on its feet several times. He vowed to cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which has resulted in the out-sourcing of millions of American jobs. He promised a national, not-for-profit health insurance system that would cover all Americans. He pledged that the Justice Department and the Labor Department would enforce workers’ rights, especially the right to organize. His deep and sincere commitment to those issues and his legislative record separate him from the other Democratic candidates, Kucinich said. “Do you think I could stand up here and talk like
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25 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich AFL-CIO town hall meeting in Columbus

  1. GekkeKattendame says:

    I wish Dennis Kucinich had become President.

    Obama hijacked the change movement. Now we get more war, immunity for war criminals, the patriot act being used against citizens, the denial of human rights and justice, bombing of human? beings, torture as policy, support for the welfare state of israel. Sickening.

  2. Bokababe says:

    Yes,? he is of Croatian ancestry, but he is a good friend to the Serbs and a member of the Serb caucus in DC.

  3. ChuckDuck051 says:

    We need to support Dennis we are having a mass donation day on December 15th. spread the word.
    Give as? much as you so that Dennis can get his word out to more people.

    december152007 . com

  4. ChuckDuck051 says:

    Not a lot of people know about him. We need to spread the? word.

  5. roscoe85cj says:

    green cards for Space Aliens … easily put? Kookcinich over the top !

  6. pavlopwnsyourface says:

    why? dont more people vote for him???

  7. regusted says:

    So why are youse union guys so opposed to da free trade? Every one of us is a consumer in the market; not everyone is in an industry clamoring for monopolistic protection. If protectionism works, why don’t states erect tariff and non-tariff barriers to keep out low-wage, low-cost products from other? states?

  8. brokencasket says:

    look people……a political agenda is simple……talk all you want as a candidate, history proves what they say before any election means shit,? it’s what they do when they deal with the other party……the whole sucky system needs an overhaul….the election of the Dip shit in the whitehouse proves that!

  9. Kebap23 says:

    I’d vote? for him if I could

  10. Hushashabega says:

    Kucinich/Paul? ’08!

  11. radjabov44 says:

    Kucinich 08?

  12. lovuian says:

    Kucinich? Rocks

  13. toechesse says:

    I suggest you get info about background of all candidates from wikipedia? first

  14. Isaac707 says:

    Kucinich 2008. For real.?

  15. sleatersappy says:

    mine too for same? reaons!

  16. CalJennings says:

    Kucinich and Paul are the only ones truly doing to stop the violation of? our Constitutional rights! They are the only REAL choices for America! I wish Dennis had started earlier on YouTube, but at least he’s here now!

  17. cutis1000 says:

    Kucinich has my vote. The most honest, ethical candidate? of the bunch!

  18. abernatchie says:

    WGA all? the way! Go Green, Go Kucinich!
    Each work has to pass through these stages:
    Ridicule, Opposition, then Acceptance.
    Those who think ahead of their time are sure to be misunderstood. Vivekananda

  19. abernatchie says:

    WGA all the way! Go Green, Go Kucinich!
    Each work has to pass through these stages:
    Ridicule, Opposition, then acceptance.
    Those who think ahead of their? time are sure to be misunderstood. Vivekananda

  20. nuumskee says:

    He has my vote. i’m sick of voting as if i’m voting for the favorite horse in the race. I don;t want to vote for anyone else on the pay role. we deserve what we get if we keep voting according to who we think should win -vs- who is really telling the truth, has our best interest at heart and who’s NOT on the pay role for the elite. ? Wake up people…

  21. radjabov44 says:

    KUCINICH 2008 vote for him or we lose our? country yet again to morons.

  22. IIIIreadingIIII says:

    Mr. Kucinic is the last honest politician. If the framers of our Consitution were alive today? they’d shake his hand, and spit in Bush’s face.

  23. lc0149 says:

    No it can’t. The free? market mentality can’t solve the healthcare crisis. The free market mentality can’t solve the educational crisis. The free market mentality can’t solve the economic/job opportunities crisis. The free market mentality can’t solve the military industrial complex crisis. Those are just a few issues the free market mentality can’t solve

  24. lc0149 says:

    Please, please, explain to us just exactly what ideas of Dennis’s are closer to socialism? What ideas does Dennis have that are considered socialistic? Are his ideas socialistic because he wants to make sure that lower income working Americans have the same? opportunities as rich Americans for education, healthcare, employment, etc?

  25. lc0149 says:


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