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Denied employment based on where I live?

by tom44 on July 21, 2012

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Question by USAFMickey: Denied employment based on where I live?
Recently, I was denied a medical job in Sacramento. When I called for an interview by the doctor’s assistant, my location(which is an hour drive) was apparently not an issue. HOWEVER, during the group interview with the actual doctor, my location seemed to be a major issue. I was highly questioned on where I lived and if I was planning on moving, because she thought the drive was too far. And that was basically the end of the interview for me. I feel that it if my location was such a big issue, that I should have never been called for an interview and a lot of time was wasted. Can I go to the better business bureau about this or should I just forget it?

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Answer by csucdartgirl
Do you really want this job? Do the benefits outweigh the costs if you pursue this?

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5 thoughts on “Denied employment based on where I live?

  1. phxmilitarymom says:

    File a complaint with the BBB and with the labor board in your county. You can do this with both companies on-line. Though there may be nothing that can be done legally it may make them stop and think about what they are doing to the next person! Sorry you did not get the position but there is a reason for everything. You may have that dream job right around the corner that you would have missed if you had gotten this position!
    Greatest of luck to you on your career seach!

  2. feldwebel says:

    Sounds like you have a major EOE issue for discrimination !! That is to say you are looking at a Federal level complaint !! The BBB cannot help you with a problem of this type.

  3. Michael F says:

    They were probably concerned that with such a long driving stint, that if you hadn’t plans of moving, that at some point you would start looking for a job closer to home.

    That would mean loss of time and money in training you, and drop on operations while finding a replacement.

    The BBB will tell you there isn’t a case here, and the Labor Board will tell you that it is their peroggative to choose someone that lives closer.

  4. Shane says:

    Better Business Bureau has nothing to do with these types of issues. BUT being rejected for a job because you are an hour away may be an issue. Contact the department of labor they’ll be able to better advise you.

  5. acermill says:

    You should just forget it. This is certainly not a situation in which the BBB would have interest. The BBB only has interest in fraudulent business practice. You were not defrauded in any way.

    While it might have been appropriate and thoughtful for the physician practice to state that living within a certain distance of the office was a requirement, it is not a requisite that they do so.

    To those who are suggesting that you have an EOE complaint, you do not. Distance from the place of employment is not a ‘protected class’ under any fair labor and hiring rules.

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