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Demanding Jobs and the Brain-Health and Medical News MedlinePlus-

by tom44 on April 27, 2014

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25 thoughts on “Demanding Jobs and the Brain-Health and Medical News MedlinePlus-

  1. Moyodsreds says:

    I almost died from a FLU SHOT – was sick almost 3 weeks!!!! I beloved the
    hype , fraud & lies & for the shot —– was sick with hours!!! Injected
    with a deadly virus – NO WONDER!!! 7 others I know report the same story!!!
    Now I know why vaccines are called the biggest fraud in the history of the

  2. kusmeti says:

    The vaccines carry a warning that they *may* cause sterilization.
    Interesting eh? What better way to carry out a eugenics program. Much more
    efficient than just killing people. The effects won’t matter for years or
    decades and the results won’t show for a generation up. Depopulation by
    attrition? Something to think about.

  3. GaGirlie777 says:

    I didn’t know that they were using abortion to help develop vaccines until
    about a year ago. It is a satanic abomination.

  4. lividmany says:

    The “authorities” must be satanists because God forbids the eating of blood
    in both testaments and for good reason…

  5. rebelizm says:

    Question- Since when did the Big Pharma Mafia ever have your best interests
    at heart…? Answer- Never!!

  6. dragonracer76 says:

    uams is ordering it’s workers to get the flu shot or they will be fired.
    this is bullshit. the flu shot only decreases your chances of getting is by
    6%. there go our civil liberties.

  7. jacrn323 says:

    I am VERY upset about this. I received a note from my doctor that I am
    exempt. The hospital was fighting me. Then, we were told that if we refuse
    the shot and have a note, we have to wear a mask from swipe in to swipe
    out…’s painful on my neck, it disturbs patient care by hindering
    communication, especially hard of hearing, etc!!!

  8. coolgalaxy says:

    The depopulation program has officially begun.

  9. SecretCreed says:

    Try getting armed in NY, it’s a tedious process to say the least. Kepp
    voting left wing NY, I have no sympathy and left 3 years ago. I’m in the
    medical field, and if the state I’m in now decides to do the same, I will
    pick up and move again.

  10. Jai666666666 says:

    I just checked the account of a pro-vaccine, the account was made in 2006
    and this government personnel has one friend…, you will have to be more
    methodical and see that people are paid to mislead you, it’s an agency. For
    Oil companies and the pharmaceutical industries, check the blogs of the
    comments. One friend in three years…, yea right, games up boys!!!

  11. S0undBite says:

    Im not sure what bill your having in America but in Australia we have
    government cover and people pay a medical levy on it, not really sure what
    Obama is doing so I cant comment

  12. zaaz369 says:

    Crackadackas I totally agree. ppl are paranoid these days about everything
    and quote things from the founding fathers without putting the quotations
    in historical context. these same nurses will hypocritically vaccinate ppl
    w/out taking the vaccine themselves.

  13. PrincessMichelene says:

    World elites are “banking” on spreading the virus so they can kill off
    people and free up cash through insurance policies, property, bank
    accounts. When the “dead’s” money is inherited by their family this will
    stimulate the economy with people spending inherited money on cars, homes,
    Wal-Mart “Made in China” junk. It’s all a grand scheme by the super-elites
    and their vision of a new world order where “they” profit off of our pain
    and misery. The masses mean nothing to them.

  14. diamondman007 says:

    Here’s a what-if? What if the criminal govt puts armed Homeland Security
    (Nazi SS) goons outside of your Safeway or WalMart and doesn’t “Allow” you
    to buy food for your family “Unless”, you take the “Shot”? Don’t fool
    yourself, this is coming and sooner than you may think. The financial
    (staged) collapse was the first salvo now, its (staging) mass death by
    deadly vaccines. Then salvo three: Food and Water. Why? A Collectivist
    Totalitarian World Government control-grid by brutal force.

  15. animlnitr8 says:

    have never been tested for safety and their efficacy has been proven to be
    next to nothing! NO VACCINES have been tested for safety!!!

  16. primecreator says:

    Tyrants Tremble when they hear the bells of FREEDOM ringing! Do not take
    this poison. This is not about the vaccine. This is about control of your
    mind. This is New Word Order folks and it has been predicted for centuries.
    Educate yourselves fast.

  17. promiseIsaih60 says:

    For some good reading Google: ” Gardasil vaccination: Evaluating the risks
    versus benefits • Merck Sponsored Study Returns Dubious Gardasil Autoimmune
    Safety Results • Sign the Petition to Investigate Gardasil Vaccine Deaths
    Now • Gardasil Exposed – Deadly vaccine pushed on millions of young boys
    and girls worldwide • The five things you really need to know about HPV
    vaccines • Mother of Gardasil victim becomes health activist”

  18. SecretCreed says:

    I’m not sure who specifically it was that came up with it, but the
    mandation seems to have come down from the NY State Health Department.
    nytimes . com / 2009 / 09 / 21 / nyregion / 21vaccine . html Remove spaces.

  19. rkin2001 says:

    @HealingVibrations I am being told now that I have to get the vaccine to
    stay in grad school. We advocate for patients rights to choose their care,
    we advocate for cultural competence however, we don’t even have the right
    to choose ourselves…I live in Colorado so this is being pushed from coast
    to coast…so much for a country of freedoms.

  20. promiseIsaih60 says:

    Google: Pfizer Accused of Experimenting on Kids

  21. Dakoota says:

    against your civil rights? Good God almighty , where were you when an
    Unelected president (Shrub) spent 8 years making sure just about ALL your
    rights were snatched from you………

  22. Jamie Campbell says:

    Has Obama and his wife and children had the swine flu shot? How about
    Pelosi..and congress? You can bet the evil hypocrites won’t be taking it
    any more than they’ll take Obamacare.

  23. misteeq64 says:

    I am pro vaccination but no public health will tell me what to but in my

  24. k3456789 says:

    I only want to be cared by smart nurses who refuses the shot and let the
    stupid nurses get the shot and die

  25. diamondman007 says:

    Forced vaccines are unconstitutional! Have we now become a Nazi
    police-state? Yes, if we don’t ALL stand-up and show these swine that We
    The People are in control. This is just the begining of what our
    Fascist/Collectivist prison wardens have in store for America and the
    planet. Welcome to the New Fourth Reich and planned population reduction
    thru deadly vaccines to kill-off as many as possible. Our own (world)
    government is our mortal enemy and MUST be exposed and destroyed!!!!!

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