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DEFCON 20: Spy vs Spy: Spying on Mobile Device Spyware

by tom44 on September 10, 2013

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Speakers: MICHAEL ROBINSON CONSULTANT | CHRIS TAYLOR SECURITY RESEARCHER Commercial spyware is available for mobile devices, including iPhones, Android Smart…
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4 thoughts on “DEFCON 20: Spy vs Spy: Spying on Mobile Device Spyware

  1. Art Muzzillo says:

    Our government had better not just “come clean,” but “clean house” with apologies all around. To lose the trust and faith of this community, is to lose the war.?

  2. Christiaan008 says:

    thanks for the compliment, credits go to DEFCON organisation for making the videos available, the uploading part isn’t that difficult :)? Seen good Defon 20 talks?

  3. NedTheDread says:

    That was a great talk, thanks ChRiStIaAn008 for uploading!! You are my number one source for all security/hacking/computer related cons, and I really appreciate it!! I’ve been waiting a long time to see the Defcon 20 talks, as they are always great stuff! Thanks to you, I am now able to? watch them!

  4. liam12347 says:

    “Thanks for very much for coming..”? LOL

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