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Debt-free boat tiny home for family of 3 on Portland island

by tom44 on November 11, 2014

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Jane and Tony had lived on a sailboat when they were child-free and loved it, so when their landlord raised the rent on their 960-square-foot apartment by 19…
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25 thoughts on “Debt-free boat tiny home for family of 3 on Portland island

  1. Suzanne_RCDM says:

    They seem to be a happy family love and respect is there, the child seems
    happy, so what’s wrong? Nothing except for those stupid people who keep
    commenting on the weight issues!! Get a F life and mind your own business!
    We all live once, and people are free to chose their own way of life! I
    think they are lucky to have each other and live in such a beautiful place.
    My only concern is the weather element, especially with all this extreme
    weather the planet has seen, does it get really cold there? The amount of
    rain and flooding? And how safe is it from intruders??

  2. Audra Hollis says:

    THis is not a family of three..this is a family of five!!!…LOL..Two fat
    hot sweaty adults with some ridiculous idea about living on a boat and we
    see how it all ended. Good move!!?

  3. Matthew Conway says:

    Anybody else notice the misspelling in the beginning? ?

  4. UnCubicle says:

    maybe debt-free but still have to pay mooring fee. For my city that is
    about $8000/yr.?

  5. Katerina Stepovikov says:

    Wonder what made it sink ….LOL ?

  6. AnimalGuardian71 says:

    Hopefully 911 could get there fast enough when the two tubs of goo get
    jammed up in a hallway from trying to pass each other at the same time.
    Also, they should be worshipping the God of Surface Tension. (Google it if
    you’re scratching your head)?

  7. Matt H says:

    Ah, so these are the famed anglo-spheres??

  8. Dinkymod says:

    Living on a boat is extremely difficult and expensive. This is a horrible

    In most states, including my resident state of Washington, legally you have
    to have a septic tank attached to the boat for restroom usage. And every
    month or so you have to have a septic maintenance company come by and drain

    That is a huge expense.

    The other huge expense is the fact that you’re on a fucking boat. The thing
    rips holes and you have to fix it. This happens often. It is VERY EXPENSIVE
    to live on a boat. Most people who try to do it end up broke.?

  9. Mike Rogers says:

    A trailer park on water? Cool!?

  10. faruka1969 says:

    I am so glad to hear they were safe. I wonder where they are now.?

  11. krayzel says:

    She needs to get off the boat immediately. She’s obese and that’s not very
    efficient for the boat. Extra weight is never good for any type of
    vehicle/boat/plane or what have you.?

  12. Tim Liao says:

    Is this Portland Main or Oregon? ?

  13. TheJoey550 says:

    Really love your videos thanks?

  14. Jeff Bell says:

    Home sweet home?

  15. sl393l says:

    I don’t know anything about boats, but even I could see the outside of the
    boat was in poor repair and needed some work. Also, I worry for the woman.
    Her face is so red and she seems short of breath.. Hope her blood pressure
    is not too high.?

  16. Thesimplelife Home says:

    You seem happy. That is proof it works!?

  17. ralphinator2 says:

    Fourteen thousand dollars sunk in the river. Could have been a down
    payment on a comfortable house in Cornelius Pass or Forest Grove.?

  18. Mario Lorio says:

    Wow, how funny how white people talk about their own race. All I see is a
    bunch of none sense comments, if these people are happy leaving on a boat.
    Mind your own freaking business….?

  19. thorsoele says:

    I like this family.. They are happy for what they have, and theire daughter
    wont miss a thing..Life can be materiel or simple. It is what you choose
    that counts!?

  20. 5winder says:

    How sad that that it sank… May the Lord bless them with another home.?

  21. greenrolaids says:

    how much of that budget is on cake??

  22. bigshambala says:

    Thank goodness for the “New Normal”. Thanks Obama – the savior of America!

    You dumb donkeys.?

  23. Rick James says:

    Maybe the boat sinking will build a fire under their butts. That boat
    needed to be on dry dock until the repairs were made, anyone could tell it
    was neglected. Living like that is temporary arrangement and it didn’t
    really seem they had any plan to improve their situation. To live and
    raise a child properly on a boat isn’t cheaper than living on land. It
    seems living in a shed is her dream for life. I relly don’t even see the
    point of this video. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be sad or happy for
    them, aside from the sinking. I wish the little girl well, she’s gonna
    need it to get out of the situation she will find herself in as she gets

  24. Lancelot Xavier says:

    There are problems. Noisy neighbors, neighbors that turn on their diesel
    engines (noise and fumes) and getting rid of waste.?

  25. John Ullman says:

    No boater’s insurance? Try again. Harbor master, city auctions.
    Government Surplus Auctions, U.S. Marshall Sales auctions., Craigslist.
    Ebay. Get another vessel that has promise, put it on dry dock hooked to
    utilities, live in it. Slowly improve it., resale, build up to something
    better. God Bless, Good Luck to ya! If I was rich would help ya!, but I’m
    not~ I’ll pray for ya. Military Base auctions. I.R.S. auctions, Public
    Auctions, City Port Auction, County Auctions., U.S. Custom Auctions., You
    have learned and gained something! Boat sitting, maintenance service.?

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