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DC Earth 1LB Wheat Bran Mealworm Bedding

by tom44 on September 13, 2018

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DC Earth 1LB Wheat Bran Mealworm Bedding

  • Food-Bedding for mealworm, giantmealworms, superworms, miniworms
  • Vitamins and nutritious
  • Keep your worms in this bedding and store
  • Prime Amazon Shipping!

Feed your feeder mealworms with ease. Premium, complete and balanced mealworm diet eases the raising, care, and maintenance of mealworms. Simply add to a shallow pan with mealworms to feed a protein-rich diet. Made from 100% all natural wheat middlings with no added preservatives.
Feeding Instructions: Place bedding and worms into a metal or plastic pan at least three to four inches deep. A good rule of thumb is to use two parts bedding to one part worms. The container with worms and bedd

List Price: $ 7.50

Price: $ 7.50

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