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DC Capitol Police: Admits he makes six figures and will lock up anyone to keep his job

by tom44 on September 25, 2012

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DC cop telling it how it is. “I know it’s absurd (the law(s) and I think most people do, but I have a six figure job and I’m not losing it, ya know, they tell me to locl someone up and I say, ‘you got it’.” from the 1 minute mark to the 1:35 minute mark. We were at the police station, standing outside waiting to figure out if/ when our friends who were arrested selling lemonade, were going to get out of the cage they were in. We saw this cop, who was one of the arresting officers at the capitol… and who at the capitol, stated that he WOULD uphold segregation laws if they were still in the books today. That video can be found here: Footage from the event can be found at and
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25 thoughts on “DC Capitol Police: Admits he makes six figures and will lock up anyone to keep his job

  1. will4wil says:

    @Kmim616 before calling anyone a idiot think really hard 64k is just the base pay of private first with over 30 month not counting all the mandated over time…and other special pay it’s just like the military on paper a E-5 make about 2800+ a month but after special pay and housing it’s more like 4800 a month some one haven’t had a? real job yet.

  2. chadbst says:

    I? know. I totally agree.

  3. redsoxguy18 says:

    umm… nothing at all. this officer is one of the coolest i’ve seen. if this officer isn’t? good enough for these hippies, i don’t know what officer is..

  4. redsoxguy18 says:

    your friends sold lemonade on capitol grounds without a permit and they? were just doing their job. what did you expect them to do, maybe not do their job because you think it’s not right? these cops were not out to do bad things, they are doing their job. clearly this officer is trying to get down to earth you guys and you’re still giving him shit, which i think is pretty messed up. they might be cops, but they’re also human beings.

  5. whatsabonner says:

    Your friends were breaking a law. Your issue shouldnt be with the cop, it should be with the lawmakers………?

  6. whatsabonner says:

    and you were so mad about it that you pretended to be friendly towards him in an attempt to trick him into saying something that you could then take and use to make a fool out of him….whats up passive aggressive loser.

    All he said was his job is to enforce the law and he isnt going to lose his job so some hippies can unlawfully vendor? on capitol grounds. The law doesnt say “No lemonade vending” it says “No vending”.

  7. Nate5176 says:

    please tell me how I twisted his words. He said what he said and he locked up my friends over? SELLING LEMONADE.

  8. whatsabonner says:

    So you complain? when cops are rude to you and yet when they are nice and actually carry on a conversation, you secretly videotape them and then twist there words to make them sound like a nazi. I guess that makes perfect sense…………

  9. jkw3021 says:

    Do your research..many cap police make close to and over 6 figures..kmin616 ur an? idiot

  10. kmin616 says:

    Lastly that idiot cop does not make 6 figures. He makes about 60k and tomakeitto6? figures he’d have to do 70 hour weeks every week.

  11. kmin616 says:

    Also lets be honest here… If you think you can just do whatever you want when it comes to the workplace it would explain? why you hippies are unemployed and would rather,ivein a park in protest than get a job.

  12. kmin616 says:

    But from a realistic perspective I know you hippies don’t work but do you come to your office and disregard your supervisors mandates when you think your idea is better for the company without discussion and when he disagrees do you do what you’re told or walk out???!?! Do your job or? look for one. Give me a fuckin break.

  13. pressbox1492 says:

    yes, that? is the point. duh

  14. chadbst says:

    Can someone please clue me in on what is so sinister? about this officers actions that the camera had to be held upside down to film him

  15. KMJ187 says:


  16. VoteLib3rty says:

    @TheApprenticeify: “Well if? they offered me? 6 figures to kill you. I’d do it.”
    Thanks for illustrating my point.

  17. WorksopGimp says:

    Listen you dickhead “its my job” is the excuse people like this say “its my job” so that makes it ok?? fucking fool

  18. GryffinDarkBreed says:

    There is HARDLY a comparison? between upholding segregation laws and the fucking Holocaust you fucking imbecile.

  19. GryffinDarkBreed says:

    You do realise that if the laws were still n the books, it would be his -JOB- to enforce them? You? know, because he’s a cop? It’s his job? And if he didn’t do his job properly, what would that make him?

  20. TheWaterlily2012 says:

    *ordinary? cops

  21. TheWaterlily2012 says:

    Since when do ordinary 6 figures? What, are they getting a percentage off every person they ticket, and everyone they arrest and put into prison? Kickbacks from the gov? This is EXACTLY the kind of person these controllers want. Someone where money is everything and they will do anything to keep it coming in whether it ruins lives or the whole country. I could never ruin people’s lives for money, power or position. I? would never forgive myself. There is so much more beyond this life.

  22. 2skullscrushing says:

    Anyone that sacrifices morality & your fellow man, for money, is a disease to the? human race, and should be dealt with by humanity, in anyway that is logical.

  23. VoteLib3rty says:

    My guess is; yes, if he has to choose between feeding his family and maintaining his lifestyle, he’s going to? throw your ass in the fema camp every time. I’ve talked to a number of “nice guys” that will straight up tell you, if push comes to shove and it’s you or them, it’s gonna be you….. no hard feelings of course. I’m sure there are some nice guards at Guantanamo Bay.
    That is what is so important about pushing ‘seemingly small’ issues like these. This IS the battle.

  24. VoteLib3rty says:

    @TheApprenticeify: “Who cares if he makes 6 figures? he got 2 kids n trying to live his? life, respect his privacy you fucking hippies.”
    Where do you think that money comes from genius? If he made 6 figures because he was out in the real world more power to him, but he’s not. ? He’s a well paid thug and if congress passed a law that you were stupid and ugly and should be put behind bars he would lock your ass up without batting an eye. See the problem?

  25. ballistic031983 says:

    Compensated? Psychopaths!!!

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