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David Lazarus: What’s not to like about 240,000 new jobs?

by tom44 on May 30, 2014

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When are President Obama’s critics going to acknowledge that the economy has turned the corner, columnist David Lazarus asks.
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2 thoughts on “David Lazarus: What’s not to like about 240,000 new jobs?

  1. Ryk Comerford says:

    Not taking sides…just telling us what to think.

  2. Miss Cinnamon Teal says:

    Um only 240,000 jobs? at 12 trillion dollars debt? Are you serious? Where
    did all the money go. Make the people they paid off give it back. Are you
    serious? With all of this corruption? And then they make people work for
    nothing like Schindler’s list? Are you kidding me? This is a bunch of
    balony. I’ll pass. Get real. People are starving. And you want me to
    believe politicians? We’ll all on this little planet called earth. And you
    better stop destroying it for fame and fortune.

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