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Dang that really sucks! I was on my way to fill out the info but I Googled it. I knew it! Too good to be tru?

by tom44 on November 17, 2012

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Question by j.p.: Dang that really sucks! I was on my way to fill out the info but I Googled it. I knew it! Too good to be tru?
It’s so sad that even in the economy we live in, we still have time to scam one another. I just left a job Madison Who’s Who because of their scamming ways…I can’t wait for CHANGE!!!.. How can these emails be avoided and how can you detect them without running into something dangerous?

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Answer by Tony RB
See if the newspaper of a large city in your area is tied in with Yahoo Hot Jobs – in Austin Texas the local paper, the Austin American-Statesman – recently got with Yahoo and now jobs in this part of Texas are posted here. And the unemployment office in your state should have a state-wide listing themselves, log in and see.

Meanwhile, the newspaper’s want ads have severely shrunk. Monday and Tuesday’s papers had four pages of want ads – that’s one sheet of newsprint. Very few ads for “Employment”. But I get several notices through Yahoo Hot Jobs, I just don’t see all of them due to selections I have made (for example, I don’t have experience in the medical field).

You should never give out your social security number or your date of birth over the phone, only on a job application. Some legitimate businesses do have online job applications, but you can visit their websites directly (not through email) and you can also verify out the existence of the business through a Better-Business-Bureau check, even if the business is not a member. They will know all about the better businesses as they are always recruiting. Phony businesses usually don’t bother becoming ‘members’.

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