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CREEPY LADY GAGA WANNABE ON X-FACTOR! – Thanks Steve Jobs! – DC Comics Reboot!

by tom44 on June 28, 2012

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Watch Back To School Video! Brenda Song Pregnant! Watch X-Factor online! Click To Tweet This Video: Share on Your Facebook! Google+ & Tumblr too! BPF!Please Thumbs Up! Leave a Comment/Fave/Share! I hope you Subscribe To My Channel! _____ Comment Questions of the Day: (Answer any or all!) 1. What was your reaction to Steve Jobs stepping down? 2. Are you a DC Comics fan? What do you think of the reboot? Do a show and tell with your comics!!! 3. Who was your fave on the first week of X-Factor UK – go watch!! 4. Would you like to see Kitty advance to Live Shows or do they need to cut her off?? BONUS: All comments are awesome! Will include some in next episode! ___ GET BUCKED! MAIN CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE! SECOND CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE! PHONE CHANNEL: BE AFRAID! Follow Buck on Twitter: Friend Buck on Facebook: NEW! DON’T TELL ADD ME ON GOOGLE PLUS ___ Comment Song: Get Joey Rukus Free Download! Song used: Hollyhood Also here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A video of Hyatt employees speaking about the culture of Hyatt.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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25 thoughts on “CREEPY LADY GAGA WANNABE ON X-FACTOR! – Thanks Steve Jobs! – DC Comics Reboot!

  1. MsScoobypoo says:

    woa? dude… u could make ALOT of money with those old comics!!!!

  2. DarkJoker99 says:

    “We love you Steve and we hope you are very? happy and healthy”

    Me: Lol he’s dead now 🙂

  3. wrengard says:

    i love that goldie is puking in a? morrisons bag….WOW great advertising for morrisons LOL!!

  4. volleyballfreakz14 says:

    AAAAAAAA! BATMAN! i love batman soo much. i was him for halloween lololol. my? bff is superman

  5. wideomarket says:

    Check? out for how to turn this video (actually any Youtube video) into easy extra cash & pure viral advertising for your business

  6. ImTotallyDrawn says:

    my friend has the BEST batman? voice

  7. ImTotallyDrawn says:

    Im sick? of reboots -_-

  8. Tibbieman1 says:

    I missed this episode the first time around. Glad I was? able to catch up.

  9. FooFooFrenchFry says:

    if i didnt? love you before… that summer heights high reference swept me off my feet <3

  10. NonExistentCodes says:

    I was on Tumblr when I found out about his regisnation, and his death.?

  11. plantjuk says:

    I lost interest about 3? seconds in.

  12. Michellepfeiffer17 says:

    Your great but talk? slower

  13. Flowapowa96 says:

    Don’t Chop me? As in the? cooking competion show Chopped?

  14. XxDangerDaysxX says:

    Janet Devlin isnt from Ireland! Shes from Northern Ireland! Theyre 2 different countries… But i love? you!

  15. hopeimakeusmile56 says:

    OMfreakingG!? SEXY KNEES!

  16. amypompom336 says:

    YAY? UK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. chicka4766 says:

    are you gay??

  18. puppyprincess524 says:

    …. Lol too bad Steve Jobs is dead. Steve Jobs joke? Yeah, too soon

  19. jordanpayling93 says:

    Need more UK X Factor?

  20. MaddieBishop says:

    when’s your next uk xfactor seem to? have forgotten about it!!! :'( it’s pretty much the only thing that you talk about that i accually watch!!

  21. likaboss16 says:

    Love you too Buck ;)?

  22. CoolBoiiProduction says:

    R.I.P Steve Jobs

  23. iisimplybarbiie says:

    my birthdai? is tmro

  24. Lovez2lough123 says:

    Grrr why do the gay guys always have to be the most attractive ;( I? LUV U BUCK!!!!!

  25. wellitsnatasha says:

    My names wriitin? on his butt -3

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