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Courage Campaign / CNA “Insurance Jive” TV Ad

by tom44 on July 14, 2013

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On the eve of a national day of protest against health insurance corporations (June 18, 2008), Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo joins a number of p…
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5 thoughts on “Courage Campaign / CNA “Insurance Jive” TV Ad

  1. J Waters says:

    The Tischs are murdering Nazis – we? regret to inform you that which you already might know!

  2. J Waters says:

    Is Cendant’s Silverman, Henry really Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta in “Goodfellas”? Sure, there’s a guy sayin’ he’s Henry Hill on a book tour a few? years back – maybe his name really is “Henry Hill” … but I think Silverman is the mobster, Henry Hill … dat’s what I tink [sic.]

  3. LaRoucheisright says:

    Please check the video response from the LaRouche Youth? Movement.

  4. LaRoucheisright says:

    if you want to stop this fascist policy join LaRouche.
    Bookmark LaRouchePACdotCom
    subscribe to my channel and if you want marching oredrs or clarity on such I will tru to help or at least direct you to where you can help.
    We need to fight like our lives depend on it, because they do. But we need? to be focused. That is the job of Lyndon LaRouche and his youth movement. If we follow their lead we can win.

  5. GuinnevereB says:

    It’s a parody of a very funny bit from a very funny movie.? And yet, unlike Barbara Billingsley’s “I speak jive” bit in “Airplane,” this isn’t a bit funny. It’s sad, enraging and horrifying.

    The candidates assure us we’ll all have “affordable,” mandatory insurance soon. Well, I can “afford” a couple of band-aids and a bottle of iodine, but that won’t do me any good if I get cancer – and neither will their “affordable,” insurance. Because the greedy corporations will still be in control.

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