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Controversial strip club: Seattle ‘hates people who create jobs’

by tom44 on August 4, 2012

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19 thoughts on “Controversial strip club: Seattle ‘hates people who create jobs’

  1. CharlotteKM says:

    I don’t live around the West Mall… o.O;; I’m perplexed now,? you trolling me? Can’t you see you picture? >.< I'm white

  2. hanksnow82 says:

    Everyone that lives around? the West Mall is a nigger .

  3. CharlotteKM says:

    hahaha, yeah I suppose my page doesn’t represent the best of me, but it’s only YouTube to me, but I get that a lot. I keep my page like that for a reason, I tend to see that if you are too honest with information on the internet then you get burned and made of fun of anyway. Plus it’s fun. And I responded to your comment initially with an edge because of being called retarded so I’m not quite sure how? you couldn’t understand ‘what I am talking about’

  4. VoidOnTuesday says:

    I was about to apologize because I meant to respond to the guy who said “stupid n—ers” but then I looked at your page and realized that I was? accidentally right all along.

  5. CharlotteKM says:

    ? LOL, I’m white, what the hell???

  6. CharlotteKM says:

    you called me? retarded.

  7. VoidOnTuesday says:

    What the hell are you talking about? Why don’t you read my comment before you respond to it? Maybe you should read the comment I was responding to? Also? youtube is not a personal website. What the FUCK are you TALKING ABOUT?

  8. hanksnow82 says:

    Stupid niggers?

  9. CharlotteKM says:

    I happen to be born here in Toronto, Eglinton Ave W and there’s nothing wrong with being a whore as long as you are safe/use condoms and are an adult, and my own personal feelings are that I only have sex with single men or my boyfriends. Now if? you don’t care to hear my opinions then when you have a personal website and I comment on it then you can delete it.

  10. CharlotteKM says:

    lol, who says I’m an immigrant? or from Jane and Finch? Whore now, that’s really such? a harsh word don’t ya’ think? I prefer the term “happily promiscuous”. Blah blah blah, you don’t care so why don’t you keep on being a keyboard warrior for YouTube.

  11. hanksnow82 says:

    Great another DP chiming in? .

  12. VoidOnTuesday says:

    you are retarded.?

  13. VoidOnTuesday says:

    what indication is there that she is a whore? And this country was built by? immigrants you ignorant hick.

  14. hanksnow82 says:

    We really don’t care what some immigrant whore from Jane and? Finch thinks about America

  15. CharlotteKM says:

    Oh no! Not a Strip Club! But you Americans wouldn’t mind a Gun Shop being across the street.. America=? Sex is bad, Killing machines are ok/good. Boobs never hurt any kids.

  16. Londron says:

    He didn’t have the documents and is violating the law=>should be? closed, pure and simple.

    And I’m the sort of guy that smokes pot so I have no issue with stripclubs and the location doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  17. nodnodwinkwinkV says:

    You can tell the news anchor was especially fond of her pun: “…The blow is the latest in A TIT FOR TAT? between Seattle and strip club owner Bob Davis…”

  18. ghostdein1 says:

    across from a grade school? really?? REALLY? The owner of Jiggles sounds like one sleazy, greedy little meatball of a man. I hope they go bankrupt.

  19. apupu says:

    thumb up? for Giggles

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