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Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann – Washington DC Stand Up For Religious Freedom

by tom44 on March 21, 2013

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Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R) Minnesota, speaks at the Washington DC “Stand Up For Religious Freedom” rally, sponsored by DEFEND LIFE, on Friday June 8…
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4 thoughts on “Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann – Washington DC Stand Up For Religious Freedom

  1. Den Kokoro says:

    More like “Religious Totalitarianism”. This woman is? a fool.

  2. John gilbert says:

    Michele bachmann? is really awesome !!

  3. OrdainedPraise says:

    Michelle Bachmann is so awesome. There is nothing more valuable than respect for all life from? conception to natural death and respect for human dignity intricately tied to religious freedom for many faiths. She is right – it is not a woman’s rights issue which the left try to conjure up by appealing to the desires of many to look at life from strictly a sexual nature. We need more modesty, abstinence, respect for marital intimacy, human dignity, and self-control whch religion uslly promotes

  4. MaggiesBoxers says:

    Michelle is a zionist whore just as Obama, just as both Bushes, just as the Clintons…She supports war for the rothschilds..

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