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Congressman Mullin floor speech – Washington Doesn’t Create Jobs

by tom44 on April 13, 2014

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This is video of Local 241 of CTA Transit Authority…trip to Washington’s Job Rally, October, 2010…. CHICAGO….LOCAL 241 HIGHLY REPRESENTED CHICAGO IN WA…
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12 thoughts on “Congressman Mullin floor speech – Washington Doesn’t Create Jobs

  1. bfoulks100 says:

    Outstanding speech, everything you have said is very true. Folks the truth
    is out there, please quit listening to liberal media and start researching
    for yourself. Government is killing jobs, making people more and more
    independent on Government. We are at this moment a failing nation, we must
    and have to turn this around.

  2. Marshall Martin says:

    Good speech. I hope your fire for the working class burns as strong at this
    time a few years down the road as it does now. Please do not let Washington
    ruin you as it has so many other good men trying to do Gods will in life.
    Bigger government is not the answer, more taxes are not the answer. The
    government needs to stay out of our lives and simply do the job the framers
    intended for it to do and leave the running of an individuals life to that
    individual. God Bless

  3. fratdawgg23 says:

    “hostile business climate” — ?? Not in the USA. The USA is the most
    pro-Big Business/Corporation country in the world.

  4. stephen parker says:

    I’m so glad you had the courage to talk about the only issue that matters:
    Obama’s ineligibiliy to be President, and the need to remove him

  5. JuGgZaLeTtE says:

    good to have someone who has seen the struggles of the many in office.

  6. rollsroyce2000 says:

    you must be a plumber cause that speech was the shit!

  7. Timothy Beauchamp says:

    From Wikipedia regarding the increase in SNAP over the years: “Amounts paid
    to program beneficiaries rose from $28.6 billion in 2005 to $74.6 billion
    in 2012. From 2007-2012, benefits paid to program recipients increased by
    approximately 20% annually. In addition to benefits paid, there were other
    costs of approximately $3.8 billion in 2012.[16] The subprime mortgage
    crisis of 2008 and resulting unemployment have driven much higher program
    participation and costs per beneficiary.”

  8. Ron Noonan says:

    Start a caucus of small businessmen in congress! Not many! mostly lawyers!

  9. toller retreiver says:

    wow – 4 star wacko

  10. Jackson Nichols says:

    You, sir, are an asshole.

  11. Timothy Beauchamp says:

    In other words SNAP has increased because of the subprime economic disaster
    when George W. Bush was suggesting we should all make our houses our
    “bank.” The unemployment rate causes more people to be desperately poor,
    and for more children to be hungry.

  12. Timothy Beauchamp says:

    Government also subsidizes businesses. Tell the truth! In fact, you just
    voted for a farm bill that cut Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    (SNAP) for hungry children while supporting big government subsidies for
    farmers. I’m not against those subsidies but don’t say government doesn’t
    help farmers because it DOES and you voted for big government farms!

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