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Concerning Experience for pa school?

by tom44 on June 18, 2013

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Question by Jette Madsen-nabergall: Concerning Experience for pa school?
I am Entering Usf this coming year as a freshman first year student majoring in Biomedical Science, with an aim in becoming a Physicians assistant. I have done some research and it appears the general consensus is that one must have a great deal of mdeical experience in order to be accepted to pa school. My question is: where would I be able to acquire that kind of experience having just graduated with a biomedical science 4 year degree? would i have to get extra schooliong to apply for a different medical position like E.M.T work? or switch majors to nursing, so as to have an outlet of work experience? I’d rather not major in nursing as i feel it isnt suited to me,What are my options?

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Answer by Phil Jackson
If you go to the loma linda university physician assistant program website you will find a huge list of activities you can and cannot do in order to satisfy the minimum hours needed for a PA program.

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One thought on “Concerning Experience for pa school?

  1. Emily M says:

    Go to the web sites of the PA programs of interest to you and find out their requirements for clinical experience. Some require more, some require less. Some types of experience may be more valuable than others. Some may be dropping the experience requirement altogether.

    EMT-B and CNA are probably the quickest certifications to get. Note that it is difficult to get a job as an EMT-B before you are 21 because ambulance services usually have an EMT drive while a paramedic tends to the patient. Insurance companies usually require that ambulance drivers be 21 or older. Most EMT’s start out working for private ambulance companies transporting patients from nursing homes to and from other health care facilities. Note that just earning a certificate is not usually enough; you will need work experience. Some programs require that you have experience in more than one health care setting. E.g. an EMT might work both on an ambulance and as an ER tech in a hospital.

    You will have an opportunity to get work and clinical experience during your summers. Check into shadowing PA’s or other health professionals. Consider doing volunteer work at a hospital, rehab center, or nursing home. Take First Aid training from the Red Cross and volunteer for your local Red Cross First Aid team.

    By the way, USF could be U. South Florida or U. San Francisco. Check to see if you USF offers an EMT class. EMT classes usually last just a semester or a few months.

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