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computer forensics/security help?

by tom44 on March 28, 2014

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Question by mudbud: computer forensics/security help?
I am going into computer science major (literally just starting) and was thinking about having a focus in computer forensics/security. Does anyone in the industry have any tips or advice they can give me for the field? I love to learn about computers and do whatever i can so even throwing something at me to try and learn would be amazing help 🙂 But thanks for reading and the help!!!
also what are the jobs/ openings like?

Best answer:

Answer by Richard L
Computing Security is going to be a good field for the future. We are seeing a major emphasis on that in government and in the commercial sector. Computer Science (CS) is generally a major requiring advanced math and logic and many people will drop out of this major after determining they don’t enjoy it or not skilled at it. If you decide to go into Computing Security you can also move into that path with a Computer Information Systems (CIS) or similar degree which will not have the advanced math.

Forensics is mostly a law enforcement and legal specialty area that deals with chain of evidence and legal matters. I have just not seen much growth in this area that is visible compared to Computing Security.

If I were you I would suggest the path I have gone down and am continuing on. Unless you are going to do programming and love math I would skip over the CS major and get a more general CIS or equivalent degree. Most colleges are going to gear a CS to a programming career. If you look at the schools course listing where you are attending and it does not have the math and lots of programming courses under the major then you can proceed down that path. I feel that programmers are born and not made. No amount of classes in programming will help you be successful at it if you are not naturally gifted in the area.

Your future employer will be looking for you to have a 4 year Bachelors degree and a respectable GPA. Computer Science is not for sissys. It will bury many people and leave them with a poor GPA which is death on an employment application.

After you complete your degree and find some work in the field or in a parallel job like Systems Administration, start working on a CompTIA, Security+ certification followed by a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional ) and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certifications. Employers may even send you to classes for these certs and pay the $ 2000-$ 3000 charges per class and $ 300-$ 600 per cert test.

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