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Computer Forensics job help?

by tom44 on August 16, 2012

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Question by : Computer Forensics job help?
I’m 18 and am really frustrated right now by the current state of job affairs in America. I plan on going to college next year to earn my degree but in the mean time I don’t have the money and am working on getting my PI certification. Anyway, it irks me that you have to have that little piece of paper (degree) to get any good jobs these days. Jobs aren’t based on experience or ability, but rather on if you’ve passed some tests laid out by a college. This is one reason society continues to make criminals. A lot of them are lazy, but there’s always some people that turn to crime because they just can’t get a job even though they’re more than able.

Here’s my problem. I have a tremendous skill set when it comes to computers but I just can’t get a job in any of these areas because I don’t have a degree yet. I’m stuck working at a Pizza Hut until I can get through college and every day I see less reason why I shouldn’t just use my computer skills to empty a couple of bank accounts. I would love to pursue a career in computer forensics and I am already more than qualified to do so, and it irks me that I have to go to school for 4 years and relearn everything I already know just to get a good job I could already easily do.

I just don’t know what to do in this kind of situation. I won’t go into everything but my life is in a unique spot right now because I have no family or friends, and I’m also a very “anti-moral” person so I really don’t have anything to lose by becoming a criminal other then I’d rather not if there was another way.

I don’t see a way out with this.

Best answer:

Answer by Sylvias Mother
There are degrees out there that will give you credit for life experience. It’s called prior learning assessment. Check out the colleges/universities in your area and see if they offer such a thing.

Another idea is to get a degree that entails a co-op program:

There are computer forensics training programs available, such as one like this:

As for getting a job without the credentials – Have you tried Best Buy or a similar electronics store?

Yes, I know – it’s a pain when you’ve got the practical education to do a job, but need the credentials/degree to apply. Sorry – but that’s the way the world works these days – you have to play the game their way or you won’t ever get the chance to show them your stuff.

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