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Compassionate Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse – Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

by tom44 on May 31, 2014

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On the job with Monica Rice, compassionate pediatric intensive care specialty nurse, providing care to children at our hospital.
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10 thoughts on “Compassionate Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse – Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

  1. Richard Prowse says:

    amazing video and inspirational lady.

  2. nobodyrn77 says:

    for being a nurse in the pediatric ward and PICU in the philippines for
    more than 2 years now, i could really relate into the passion in being in
    pediatrics. although our facilities and resources are a thin line close to
    nothing and the wages we earn is merely like donation to the hospital, the
    fulfillment in knowing that i dispense care to those critically ill
    children needing special, make a difference in their lives makes me come
    back daily with all smiles despite of the stresses therein, 🙂

  3. kaguvi777 says:

    Very Inspiring…… I wanna be a Pediatric nurse…

  4. Christina Garin says:

    this is what i want to do with my life! amazing.

  5. tma2321 says:

    This is what I’m going to school for.

  6. ilaban5 says:

    wow now i really want to work as an pediatric but then im scared on want i
    might do wrong :{

  7. RudyMvp says:

    I did my first pediatrics rotation in the Neonate ICU for school. I can
    take the good but i cant take the bad when ya see a preterm neonate take a
    turn for the worse. I love kids,,i love kids soo much that i cant take the
    deadly situations. Therefore, it looks like I will stick to General Med
    Surg and not in peds or childrens hopsital. I just cant seperate the
    emotions, a child dying would rip my heart out. So its adult med surg for
    me. God bless those that can do it!

  8. jordanissmilingful says:

    I know I want to go into Pediatrics, but I’m completely undecided as to
    whether I want to study to be a physician, nurse, or physician assistant.
    What an amazing field!

  9. Jennifer Rra Molina says:

    admirable … the work of nurses is really important and meaningful …
    this is called completely vocation and passion!

  10. childrensLA says:

    Awesome that we inspired you goofina876!

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