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Community based coalition building

by tom44 on July 18, 2012

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This video is intended to highlight the relationship, accountability and reciprocity of two organizers, one is a rank and file Allied Barton security officer (Thomas Robinson) and the other is Philadelphia Jobs With Justice Field Organizer (Eduardo Soriano-Castillo). Under the banner of Philadelphia Officers and Workers Rising (POWR), security guards across the city of Philadelphia have become one of the latest examples of a “non-majority union,” organizing outside of the traditional framework of collective bargaining. Unlike most unions, who have demonstrated majority support and bargain contracts on behalf of their members, non-majority unions represent a minority of workers in the workplace, and rely on collective action and shop floor activity—instead of regularly negotiated contracts—to win gains for the membership. Guards across the city of Philadelphia hope that this organizing model, together with a strong base of student (Student Labor Action Project) and community support(Philadelphia Jobs With Justice), will help them translate the recent sick day and wage increase victories at Penn and Temple U into similar gains citywide, and move them one step closer to their goal of winning full union recognition from AlliedBarton.
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5 thoughts on “Community based coalition building

  1. StrategicOrganizing says:

    This looks like an interesting organizing campaign.? Is there anything written somewhere about the lessons you learned on this campaign?

  2. plpact says:

    You are just a body dummy Its a security Job. Go? to school and get a real job. Stop Hatin man i work for them too and so what its a short time solution untill i finish my degree. You want something better strive for something better. They are better than most security companies so stop crying. Dont like it Quit.

  3. Kk5083 says:

    Allied Barton gets about $18 an hour per every guard then give only half to the people actualy doing the work. Fuck that company,
    I used to work for them until they dicked me over by turning me into a “floater” and tried to make me work ridiculous shifts from like 12? am to 4 am an hour away from my house. I would actualy loose money on soem nights because of gas prices. This company treats is the perfect example of corparate greed.

  4. poppycraft says:

    Good on u both.ten out? of ten

  5. wesweaver says:

    my? two favorite people

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