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Columbus Georgia Veterinarian That does monthly payments?

by tom44 on April 11, 2013

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Question by sethgreene1981: Columbus Georgia Veterinarian That does monthly payments?
I am looking for a vet in Columbus ga that I can take my cat to that has a payment plan or monthly payments or something. I have called a bunch and they all say they know there are vets around that do but they did not know the names. PLEASE HELP

Best answer:

Answer by Bob N
Just keep calling, that’s about the best you can do.

Call the humane society, the ASPCA, APA (Animal Protective Association), and any shelters you can find.

Ask friends and family about vets they might have used.

What is wrong with your cat? Why do you need to take it to a vet?

I did a google search on:
columbus georgia veterinary OR veterinarian monthly payments

Here is the first page of that search:

Here are some of the pages that search found – don’t see one that allows payments but at least there are more vet names and telephone numbers.

There other pages that the search found, go check all of them.

Also, this is my “canned” advise about finding low cost vet services:

To find low cost medical care for a cat do the following;

Get the telephone white pages and look under Humane Society, ASPCA and APA.

In the yellow pages, look under Animal Hospitals, Animal Clinics, and Veterinarians – anything else you can think of.

Start calling all of the listings you find.

Be prepared with what you what to say, writing it down can actually help –

“I have a cat who has/is – describe the cat’s problem – How much would you charge just for a basic office visit so that you could start to determine the cause of this problem and do you accept monthly payments?”

Start making the calls – call all the listings you find in the white and yellow pages.

Keep notes!

Do a Google search on:
cat “low cost” OR charity vet OR veterinarian OR veterinary OR medical city state

Put in the double quotes around low cost, put the OR’s in upper case as I show them, and replace city and state with your city and state or that of nearby cities or towns.

Do the Goggle searches and make those calls.

The cost of a basic office visit in any given area is about the same. A vet doesn’t want to lose business simply because they charge too much for the basic office visit.

Office visits here in the St. Louis, Missouri, USA area cost around $ 40, give or take $ 5 or $ 10.

What this cat needs will depend, of course, upon the diagnosis but it should be possible to get a very good idea of what is wrong with the cat from a standard office visit exam.

Be sure the vet understands that you want to do what is necessary but that you must also watch every penny.

Tell them that you want them to explain, and tell you the cost of, any procedure which will add to the bill. Tell them you are willing to do what the cat needs but you must approve everything before they do it.

There should be good alternatives for just about every choice.

An injection of antibiotics might cost more than pills you can give the cat but you might not be able to “pill” your cat easily and thus you might not get all of the antibiotics into the cat.

Tell the vet you want them to work with you in saving money. You want to be told of alternatives to various choices.

Keep in mind that if you find a good vet, you are likely to use him or her in the future. The vet should also be thinking about this – they want repeat business, not just a one time “sale.”

If you are looking for a vet for regular care, mention that to them.

I might throw in a chuckle or two —

“Well, – chuckle – I don’t have a regular vet so, – chuckle – I guess this would also be sort of a try out for the job for you – chuckle”

Vets want new customers who will come to them again and again for the regular care for their cats – not just a one time customer who they will never see again.

Remember this and tailor your approach and questions with that in mind.

Good luck

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