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Colorado Chronicle — Episode 58 — Denver Medical Garden

by tom44 on July 2, 2013

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Just showing yall a nice medical garden from Denver, CO!
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9 thoughts on “Colorado Chronicle — Episode 58 — Denver Medical Garden

  1. frankenstein303 says:

    deathstar has been out for a few year? out here in colorado

  2. frankenstein303 says:

    That guy has a? nice garden

  3. ColoradoChronicle says:

    Yeah he’s got a nice collection going! All this trainwreck and? I have none!

  4. ColoradoChronicle says:

    Yeah man deathstar is REALLY popular along the Rockies at least on the eastern slope (Denver, Colorado Springs, etc). It’s gonna be nice to compare my Deathstar seedling to? this one.

  5. llamabox says:

    Good to see Deathstar has made it to Colorado already. Team Deathstar is from up here in Ohio. A couple friends have been working with them in Cleveland. I know they? went out to Cali, I think with Swerve and the guys from Cali Connection. But the love is spreading it seems.

  6. Marijuana Movement says:

    nicely? done

  7. Yochum1999 says:

    Nice , your bro has the same taste as i do i heard he has? trainwreck and pineapple express and bubba kush all ones i really enjoy. 2 of which i am workin on now

  8. ColoradoChronicle says:

    This is? a different garden completely

  9. gamoraification says:

    cool vid m an, i remember in a past vid? when they were small. Great stuff man, alot of ppl wish they cud do that

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