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Coloradans legalize MARIJUANA!! Pot to be regulated like alcohol – 7NEWS DENVER

by tom44 on November 22, 2012

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No Experience Necessary | 2012-11-06 ELECTION DAY DENVER – Colorado voters have approved Amendment 64 to legalize recreational marijuana use — making our state one of the first in the country to legalize pot. Amendment 64 was leading 53 percent to 47 percent with 58 percent of the vote counted. The pot victory came 12 years after Colorado voters made medical marijuana legal for people with certain ailments. The state constitutional amendment is expected to trigger a confrontation with federal law enforcement officials. Federal law prohibits any marijuana use — recreational or medicinal. Amendment 64 will allow adults over 21 to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. It also would allow people to grow as many as six marijuana plants in private, secure areas. Washington State voters also passed a marijuana legalization measure Tuesday night, but a similar proposal failed in Oregon. Amendment 64 organizers said the new law will make marijuana legal for adults and regulate it like alcohol. It removes criminal penalties for possession and establishes a system of regulated and taxed marijuana products, and allows for the legal cultivation of industrial hemp. “Today, the people of Colorado have rejected the failed policy of marijuana prohibition,” said Brian Vicente, co-director of the Yes on 64 campaign. “Thanks to their votes, we will now reap the benefits of regulation.” Vicente said the law will create new jobs, generate millions of dollars in tax revenue and allow law
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TRANSCRIPT FOR HEARING IMPAIRED: One of the biggest problems facing our district is unemployment and underemployment; Increasingly, students leaving school are not finding sufficient employment to allow them to pay back their student loans or be fairly compensated for building their skill sets. As America transitions from manufacturing to technology, we need to make bold strides in bridging that gap. Washington thinks taxing our future generations at a cost of 40cents per every dollar spent is an acceptable solution and that government can create jobs out of thin air. But Californians are smarter than this. We know only private industry can create sustainable jobs that support a sustainable economy. Now that the stimulus money has been spent we need to depend on ourselves as we have in the past. Luckily we have solutions right here in our district and solutions that will not only increase California’s GDP but will protect our nation from cyber attacks now and in the future. Our district boasts the 2nd largest high-tech sector in California outside of silicon valley. We are literally sitting on top of the obvious solution. Unfortunately this solution isn’t that obvious to our current representation who is focused on ear-mark spending, pet pork projects and re-election for a 19th term. As the needs of California business owners go un-addressed, Washington fat cats pile on more regulations that squeeze the life out of our local economy and create uncertainty that drives
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29 thoughts on “Coloradans legalize MARIJUANA!! Pot to be regulated like alcohol – 7NEWS DENVER

  1. Albert Huidobro says:

    God!! Please let texas be next!!? Thats all im asking for. Lolz

  2. chessversuscheckers says:

    Criminal BPD – Kimberly Kay Bowman & her husband Scott have been involved in a criminal conspiracy, child-killing ring with a known convicted child abuser in Arvada, CO. “Pro-Life? Pastor” Bob Enyart is the religious psychopath who organized the abduction & dismemberment of Jessica Ridgeway. Enyart is connected to the 17 yr-old gamer, Sigg too – Google it. Currently the Ridgeway filed suit against the Bowmans for fraud. *Also Google “Bob Enyart ShadowGov Small Foreign Faction” to learn more.

  3. MsEeveeMaster says:

    legal in Washington? to

  4. 100PercentTHCfilms says:

    yes but we arent? talking about medical marijuana

  5. areyoublinddenver says:

    medical? marijuana’s been legal for over 10 years

  6. Francis69691 says:

    Congratulations and good work. Now? I have to get a visa, lol

  7. 100PercentTHCfilms says:

    it aint legal till the first of the year so dont book your flight yet.. ?

  8. dudejoelovespizza says:

    I loved working on that campaign!?

  9. microndep says:

    How? much is a one way ticket to Colorado?

  10. microndep says:

    The USA thrives on new industries we are witnessing the birth of a whole new range of new industries. The? likes of which have not been seen since the days of Washington and Jefferson both marijuana farmers.

  11. Daniel Jones says:

    I think this is so funny, but so bad also, maybe when it was slavery, it was north and south, and now I? think it going to be East and West!!!!

  12. Kevin Petre says:

    america’s future contains natural gas and natural? medicine, LET’S GO ALL NATURAL!

  13. jessica tucker says:

    this is amazing.. a huge success

  14. andy7666 says:

    Right, he just? kept sending those troops overseas and has backed Islamic uprisings – totally harmless!

  15. andy7666 says:

    Brilliant, I do hope more States adopt these kind of laws, and hopefully European nations particularily? the UK (the lackeys that our governments always are) will copy the US!

  16. LatinaBroad22 says:

    Iowa next!?

  17. LovePeaceHope777 says:

    The older generation’s I.E. the baby boomers way of thinking is slowly being phased out this is a new generation with new ideas and new values we intend let common since triumph pot has never killed a single person in the history of it’s consumption and it’s only illegal because of lobbyist and propaganda (think for yourself) the part that bothers me is these people? that fight to keep it illegal never fight for other inebriants to be illegal now why is that don’t be a hypocrite peace and pot.

  18. OlenPaska616 says:

    please god, let pennsylvania be next!?

  19. BBC1146 says:

    look at the peasants cheer as they were given another privilege. People are easily fooled, Here? is some pot, now let us bomb Iran.

  20. mattie23hanzo says:

    come check out my article? on “nextgentopics” on legalizing marijuana! We have some really good articles!

  21. Bo Derek says:

    Born n raised in Denver. Mile high fo real :p?

  22. WeAskThePeople says:

    REMEMBER , USA made cannabis illegal FALSELY & with DECEPTION.
    Prohibition LAW is FAKE.. always was , always will be.


    Cannabis -? for MEDICINE ! cheap , no side effects , natural
    Hemp – for FIBRE FOOD & FUEL , massive industry waiting
    Ganja – for SPIRITUAL & MIND opening
    Marijuana -for RECREATIONAL & SOCIAL fun.



  23. MrRickysmoke says:

    Umm marijuana or alcohol today? Alcohol might kill me in? the future so weed it is

  24. ReaperAHHH says:

    Remember remember the 5th of November,

    when the prohibition had?? to surrender

  25. Marijuana Movement says:

    nice? video

  26. TheNewMusicNetwork says:

    Cyber attacks????? That sounds like govt spin/bullshit.?

  27. TheNewMusicNetwork says:

    How about cutting? taxes and regulations.

  28. falchard says:

    Should start talking about forming a major 3rd party from existing? members of congress since the Republican and Democrat party are running on the same platform now. A party of people who want to eliminate the deficit and promote private sector growth.

  29. drfrizank says:

    Well put! The beauty of representative government is being able to utilize and support the talents and needs of your local constituents on the greatest stage in Washington. Mr Obagi is stating what most people are concerned about: jobs. Real jobs, with real hope for growth and stability. Fresh ideas and fiscal sanity are grossly lacking in Congress lately, and I think Mr Obagi has the right stuff to help correct that. ?

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