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Cohen says GOP focus on Fast and Furious is mis-placed

by tom44 on August 28, 2012

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Congressman Cohen addressed the House floor about the upcoming vote on the contempt citation against Attorney General Eric Holder.
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3 thoughts on “Cohen says GOP focus on Fast and Furious is mis-placed

  1. Lishy1 says:

    I agree. Fast and Furious did go on for awhile. It did not pop out of nowhere in 2009. And I also agree this is not? an issue with Obama.

    But what we as Americans need to realize is that the issue is with the system as a whole! Obama is nothing more than a figurehead in this entire scandal! Why not persecute others involved?

    The truth about this issue is it has nothing to do with left/right and both parties need to stop bickering at each other, and realize the picture as a whole!

  2. backrubs62 says:

    STEVE, very good at sticking to the Democrat talking points when you dont know what the hell your talking about.
    Fast and Furious started in? October 2009, Bush was not in office at the time.
    you really need to get educated in the facts congressman

  3. davekpghpa says:


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