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CNET News: Steve Jobs: A life in technology

by tom44 on July 26, 2012

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25 thoughts on “CNET News: Steve Jobs: A life in technology

  1. DWFAStudios says:

    There goes the greatest visionary? the world has ever seen.

  2. nico53laval says:

    iTunes ”the best windows app? ever written”. Uh… troll?

  3. Shadvertiser says:

    before steve passed, they would have planned the iphone 4s, 5, 6, all years in advance its not like they forgot to put the camera is the first ipad they knew people would buy it and when they saw it with a camera they would buy another one, the point i am trying to make? is that weather steve was there or not can almost assure you that the flashback trojan would still be here and the ‘new ipad’ whould still be called the ‘new ipad’

  4. david6568 says:

    “Men are mortal, but idea are immortal” don’t disgrace him with that spelling, its? not that difficult.

  5. webgier says:

    Go? fuck YOURSELF, asshole. You are not in your fluffy shiny everything is great? imagination world you moron. Face the truth this man was evil and evil people die early.

  6. Khello98 says:

    Go? fuck yourself, asshole.

  7. webgier says:

    you mean ihell?

  8. HeWhoDarez says:

    I miss a guy? I’ve never met. How cool is that.

  9. JUN41D24F4R says:

    Yeah so true, i mean it doesn’t make sense to call it the new iPad, what about the next one that comes out next year, what will that be called, numbers made sense to me, makes it easier to identify. don’t know what the future is going to be? like for Apple, but it definitely won’t be the same without Steve Jobs. I mean now the Mac is getting viruses and it never has before, the flashback trojan, if Steve Jobs was still here something like that would never have happened today.

  10. Pineapleipod says:

    @AppleHotNews i agree with u compleatly but i have somthing to add. I just installed ios 5.1 last week or? so and noticed that ios 5.0.1 was way better

  11. AppleHotNews says:

    i wish you could come back. because it seems that apple doesn’t know how to? name the iPad third generation. Who knows what else could happen. “the new iPad”… that is the name… if they were going to drop the number why don’t they just call “the new iPad” simply iPad.

  12. HeyItsMay123 says:

    Without him i wouldn’t be watching? this on my ipod4 🙁

  13. Th3FuZZy says:

    With? out Steve jobs I wouldn’t be watching this video on my Mac right now

  14. themangodess says:

    @rowdythunder123? Really, what is with people who capitalize every word?

  15. HiTikShow says:

    Steve Jobs was a remarkable man may his soul rest in peace in the heavens of above he was? one of the most remarkable mind.
    Steve Jobs R.I.P

  16. pizza14fer says:

    ” Men is mortal, but ideas are inmortal”.. Steve´s footprint on this planet will never vanished from it, he just changed completly? the way we live.

  17. PeriquinTV says:

    I? wish I would’ve met him. It sucks that he’s no longer with us. 🙁

  18. eatfastnoodle says:

    remarkable,? to say the least.

  19. eatfastnoodle says:

    than anybody of his generation, as a businessman, as a technologist and as a guy who simply left his marks. He’s a prick, he is a prick and he has always been prick, but he’s still great, like many others in the Valley, unlike many others, however, he’s the only one who overcame great adversity after his first bout of success AND he came out of his personal trial stronger than ever: he’s probably the only founder who died stronger than when he founded his business, that’s? truly

  20. eatfastnoodle says:

    Rise out of all the misfortunes like a Phoenix and each time raise higher than ever!!!! His crowning moment was NOT when he started Apple, was NOT when he introduced Apple, was NOT when Pixar became the standard bearer of animation, it was when he introduced the iPhone, that was the moment when he truly vindicated himself as a born-again legend of Silicon Valley, not a one time wonder, but as somebody who saw the best and worst of the valley and ultimately came out? of it higher

  21. eatfastnoodle says:

    Materially speaking, Bill Gates is no less successful as a businessman, and no less impactful as a tech geek, than Steve Jobs. It’d be fool to deny the significance of Bill’s manifesto and Windows’s position as the one software that truly popularize computing to the masses. But, But, Steve is the story parents will tell their kids simply his story is so much more dramatic, so much more shakespeare: he’s abandoned by his father, dropped out of school, got fired by his own company, yet,? remarkably

  22. xtreamof says:

    Here to? the Craziest one

  23. Hamish Morton says:

    Bil and Steve were very close? friends…

  24. pddesai1 says:

    17 dislikes were by Bill? gates…

  25. Bieberholic1999 says:

    I hated my report card? today

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