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CNA’s!!!!!!! My CNA license was issued 12/17/09–but it says it expired 12/31/2010!!! HEEELLLPPPP!!!!!?

by tom44 on September 8, 2012

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Question by : CNA’s!!!!!!! My CNA license was issued 12/17/09–but it says it expired 12/31/2010!!! HEEELLLPPPP!!!!!?
Hi there. I went to school to be a CNA in Florida and I got my CNA license there. When I got it in the mail I noticed it said “Date of issue 12/17/09…. Expiration Date 12/31/2010” I thought that was odd because I was told CNA licenses only needed to be renewed every TWO years… not EVERY SINGLE YEAR. But I just thought I would call and check up on that later… RIGHT AFTER I went through all that work and got my license, My husband and I were stationed in Seattle due to his military career- GRREEEAAAT! : / so then I went to work trying to transfer my license from Florida to Washington—this is before I even got a chance to be employed as a CNA!!!— Due to horrendous complications and a lot of miscommunication and one item getting lost in the mail, I ended up applying for a CNA license transfer to the Washington State Board Of Health– THREE TIMES!!!! It takes SO FRIGGIN LONG to transfer a CNA license from Florida, to Washington. Anyways, it expired before I could get it transferred over— I needed a job while I was waiting for my CNA license to transfer, so, I went ahead and started working at a restaraunt. I was promoted to management, and before I knew it, I was so wrapped up in my current job, that December 31, 2010 came and went, and my CNA license expired. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT: The restraunt I worked at collapsed- went out of business nearly overnight–the whole chain did– then I was left with no job and an expired CNA license– right after Christmas!!!! In my heart– I want so much to go back to being a CNA while working my way through nursing school, I live in the medical district of Seattle- next to 3 hospitols AND 3 assisted living facilities that all need CNA’s!!! So I was looking at my supposed “expired” license, that apparently expired just ONE YEAR after I got it, and I got suspicious…. So I went to the Florida Board of Health website—and it says that licenses only need to be renewed every TWO years– just like I thought– but WHY THEN does my license say it expired ONE YEAR after I got it? Is it a typo??? I keep calling the dept of health — but its ALL machine– I cant get ahold of a PERSON! Any CNA’s out there– PLEASE help. Do you think theres hope for me? Do you think it could have been a typo? Is it possible they accidently put a ZERO at the end of 20100– instead of a 1 ? that would mean I still have time bc it wouldnt expire until dec 2011-this year!!!!! Anyone ever heard of this happening before?

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Answer by NOpublican’s in 2012
They run in 2 year periods does not matter when you get it yours was only good until 12.31.10 you had to renew it. everybodys expires at the same time it makes it easier forthe state to keep track of them

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One thought on “CNA’s!!!!!!! My CNA license was issued 12/17/09–but it says it expired 12/31/2010!!! HEEELLLPPPP!!!!!?

  1. Thomas Murray says:

    Maybe there was some kind of issue where they had to issue it for only a year this time. I have a CDL Commercial Drivers License and when I went for my CDL physical my blood sugar was really high and when I finally got it down they issued me a physical for only ONE year when usually its TWO years so there might be some kind of issue. You might want to call them and find out why.

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