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Cna work near detroit, mi?

by tom44 on July 2, 2012

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Question by : Cna work near detroit, mi?
I live in michigan and I have my cna license but with less then a year of experience cuz no one will not hire me! Dont give me career finding sites cuz trust me I’m already on all of them. Im currently working 3 jobs just to get by. If you know of a place near the detroit area hiring for cna’s please leave their website. Thanks!

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Answer by Alison
I know the plight that you are in. I’m currently enrolled in CNA classes myself, and I’ve applied to 4 different jobs at a nearby hospital. One has turned me down and the other three I will probably never hear back from. The hospitals around town demand that you have 1 year of experience in a hospital, so that is a huge problem, especially when you want to get into the hospital setting to gain experience for a higher degree (especially Bachelors of Science in Nursing or BSN). While I do not know of a specific place that is hiring CNAs in Detroit, I do know that nursing homes are often a good way to get the experience necessary to get into the hospital setting. I am warning you though that CNAs are paid diddly squat and work so hard, which is why there is such a high turnover. I would highly advise that you seek a degree that will pay more in health care, such as a Licensed Practical Nurse or a BSN, because you will probably find the same problem in your CNA job as you do now. I would use CNA as a stepping stone and not as a final career. You will most likely hate your job by the end of a couple years working. You should also look into getting specialized training, such as CPR (if you don’t have it) or what they call Q-MAP. A Q-MAP is a CNA that is trained to pass off drugs to the patients. Either one of these will make you really valuable in the hospital setting and any other setting that you will be a part of.

Overall, CNAs are overworked and underpaid, so my advice would be go back to college and live partially off of financial aid and partially off of a part-time CNA job in these nursing homes until you can get a better degree.

Second of all, I would either apply at a nursing home or I would try to volunteer at a hospital for 6 months or so before applying for a job. Through the volunteer work and the connections that you make at the hospital, you might have an in and may be readily hired, especially if you know the facility really well. Try asking nurse friends that you volunteer with to talk to the charge nurse to see if they need any CNA work in their department or even ask the charge nurse yourself and become close to them. I would say try to be as friendly with as many doctors and nurses as possible if you do volunteer, as that may help you get a job later on. You never know, a doctor may like you enough to hire you on into their private practice (if they have one), which wouldn’t be a bad job. You would still be interacting with patients, but you wouldn’t have 20 patients assigned to you to deal with within an hour. It’s always worth a try (but never communicate your goal to doctors or nurses unless you know that this person will not think unkindly of you).

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