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by tom44 on August 17, 2012

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Ok so I plan to move to Ga in April may of this year and I wanna take up a job as a CNA and was just curious is that a good job to take up and if so how much do they make an hour and what are the best facilities make more. I really perfer private duty or in a senior community. Now I live in Fla so am I going to have to take my CNA test over and get another certificate or is the one from Fla accepted. Also what all do they look for with being a CNA is it mostly experience or is being new ok because I haven’t gotten my licence yet and wanna know if I get it and just go straight to Atlanta will I find work or not… Thanks

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Answer by A F
No one can guarantee anyone a job these days but CNA is a field where there is a lot of need in GA However lots of people do go into it too which cuts down the job openings. If the place you are taking CNA training offers job placement you’ll be better of to get some experience before moving if your move schedule allows that. For an private duty agency you will definitely need experience to get a good place tho I have a friend who is doing home health aid stuff fresh from training but not at CNA level. Jobs that are open now may not be open in May but there are a number. Alpha Health care may be one good place to try (they do in home work and work closely with the area agency on aging) A family member was at Roswell Nursing Center ad Rehab last summer and I was really impresses at the way the staff worked together and the fact that the CNA’s enjoyed their jobs pretty much all of them. That was a lot different from a lot of other nursing homes around here. Roswell is “next door” to Sandy Springs. A good place to look for jobs would be Right now www.del is advertizing

GA CNA requirements and how to get recognition in GA for your FL CNA license once you get one are available at If you are licensed in FL you would be eligible in GA

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  1. Meredith says:

    There’s a real shortage of registered nurses — and apparently, jobs are pretty available in most areas of health care. If you become a certified nurse assistant and like it, you may want to go on for your RN. (You’ll make more money!)

    What you might want to do is google hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody and of course Atlanta (which really has more opportunity.) Also check out Kaiser Permanente. Many of these facilities have online job boards.

    Everyone has to start somewhere. Obviously, having experience is a plus — but if you do well in your training, get excellent recommendations and present yourself professionally, someone is bound to hire you! Good luck.

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