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CNA Skill: Giving modified bed bath

by tom44 on July 18, 2013

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This is the procedure for Giving a modified bed bath- one of the skills you may be required to perform during the CNA Certification Exam. Learn and practice …
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5 thoughts on “CNA Skill: Giving modified bed bath

  1. Silvia Yonge says:

    This is boring!!!!….cmon its youtube meaning give as some video not some? slides. it hasnt helped me in anyway. just wasted my time!…………………..remove it!

  2. TheSofiaMiller says:

    I had a different? experiences totally. I could not get? into a course and someone told me to go to a site cos they were offering assistance with the HCA course.They got me into another college immediately and got half my tuition paid for. Once I graduated then got me a job. I got work in a facility and I making $21 an hour plus teeth and benefits. It work really well for me


  3. Kevin Bennett says:

    WHen I did my clinicals in a long? term care facility I saw a bunch of the cnas there cutting corners …

  4. Kevin Bennett says:

    Some nurses are a bit too picky during the skills test . People? will make mistakes .

  5. sheena7164 says:

    this is tha skill i failed!! u cant? fold tha washcloth on different sides but so much!

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