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CNA Skill # 1 Handwashing, Arizona Medical Training Institute, AMTI

by tom44 on July 31, 2012

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25 thoughts on “CNA Skill # 1 Handwashing, Arizona Medical Training Institute, AMTI

  1. AZMTI says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Remember, different states have different requirements and all steps in this video have been in accordance with proper CNA handwashing regulations for the? state of Arizona.

  2. Yutunauta says:

    Never use the same side of the paper? towel twise.

  3. tinysmiles5 says:

    Thank You!?

  4. AZMTI says:

    Our? training videos became very popular with our competition here in Arizona. We want our students to have a benefit to coming here and so the videos are now accessible to our students and those who would like to pay to use them.

  5. AZMTI says:

    Thanks for the? input. We would probably use a different technique as well prepping for surgery.

  6. AZMTI says:

    @fatuma0909: Here? in Arizona it is…

  7. AZMTI says:

    Yes, they? are only available to our students and those who purchase the training videos through our eLearning Portal.

  8. AZMTI says:

    I agree.?

  9. AZMTI says:

    Both good points, Thanks. ?

  10. AZMTI says:

    The State Board of Nursing requires us to do it this way and to use soap water for a certain amount of time. ?

  11. aammaall1980 says:

    you not suppose to shake your hands just like you did at the beginning of the video + remove your? watch and your ring for better hand washing…

  12. MegaSimplebeauty says:

    Aunty,remove your watch, rings etc first.I realise? everyone has a different sequence of handwashing,I guess my skills book is the best illustration.Thanks for the video.

  13. urborg74 says:

    It’s ridiculous to me that different states have? different standards.

  14. fatuma0909 says:

    here in pennsylvania washing hands isn’t correct?

  15. guitarexpert11 says:

    yo yo yo the other videos of you are? removed?

  16. eej2121 says:

    I can’t believe how much water you are wasting 🙁 it’s? sad

  17. samentha12345 says:

    need more traning?

  18. richse3 says:

    I recently scrubbed in for a surgery and the surgeons taught me something completely opposite from what you did in this video. They said you want the fingertips to be the cleanest part so you rinse with the tips of your fingers pointed up and higher than your wrist. Why do you rinse in? a way that your wrist stays cleaner than your hand?

  19. killerklowns84 says:

    I was curious as to why you changed the videos? Now, you? cant view the training videos where it went step by step.

  20. AZMTI says:

    Thanks, good? to know.

  21. AZMTI says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Different states have different requirements
    and I can assure you that here in AZ all requirements for handwashing
    have been covered? in this video. Be sure to follow your state’s requirements
    when completing your certification. Ty

  22. peachynat21 says:

    in cali ur supposed to use paper towel to turn on the nob, and clean finger nails,? and also pat paper towel dry from the waist to the fingernails

  23. rasnickk says:

    i thought this was great till the? end.. she said… your wrist is dirty n ur tips are clean but then when she dried them she just kinda used what ever part of the paper towel.. here u can not recontaminate never ever ever.. it always has to be a clean side of the paper towl.. like they said u cant use the wet side.

  24. AZMTI says:

    I haven’t heard that before. Here? in Arizona that is not taken into consideration
    for state board testing. Thanks for your comment.

  25. Streetslogic says:

    very good, presentation. Only thing i? was thought different was that you never use the same side of the paper towel twice.

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